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Beth's Discussions

Looking for a new Neurologist , wondering if ya'll could help.

Started this discussion. Last reply by TravisEd Aug 10, 2013. 1 Reply

Don't know if this is posted under the right topic, but I figure EFA forum is the best place to ask this.  My mom will retire this year, at least that is what my dad & I want her to do. Anyway Me…Continue

Memory problems

Started this discussion. Last reply by Beth Mar 5, 2013. 2 Replies

I've had E. since I was born. I wonder sometimes if the fact that I remember stuff so well is because I've never known what it's like without seizures. I have notices lots of people on here that have…Continue

Is anyone into College Football, besides me?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Eugina G Herrera Jan 10, 2014. 2 Replies

Good Morning & Roll Tide Roll to everyone! I am in a really great mood this morning, & I am really loving the number 15 right now. My sister is married to a Notre Dame fan, so she is having…Continue

Epilepsy & Using Cleaning Products

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ashley Loftus Aug 7, 2012. 3 Replies

Our F.O.R is next month , & we have been using a lot of Bleach & DeGreaser, Ect,Ect lately. For those of ya'll that may not know what that is, it's Full Opperatoin Review. The Corporite…Continue



Latest Activity

Beth replied to Nikki Emerine's discussion Mcdonald's
"Just glad we could be of encouragement  & support to you. Hope today was a good day for you. Mine was I got to work day shift, 7am -4 pm. Sometimes I like day shift better sometimes I like night shift better, never can mike up my mind.…"
Aug 22, 2013
Beth replied to Darren Wright's discussion Due to the difficulties we encounter in getting employment, How many are self employed?? in the group Working with Epilepsy
"All this has got me thinking. I have been working at a Mcdonalds it the town where I grew up ,for the past 8 years. I was promoted to department manager, in the kitchen 4 years ago & just got swing shift manager a few months ago. My mom will…"
Aug 21, 2013
Beth replied to Nikki Emerine's discussion Mcdonald's
"Hello Nikki, Beth Thomasson here. I have worked at McDonalds in Daingerfield , Texas for 8 years now.  Just worked 1 pm - 10 pm.   I am a Swing Shift Manager. I have had Epilepsy since I was born & Yes it takes us a little longer then…"
Aug 20, 2013
Beth replied to Heather's discussion Medical ID Bracelets
"I got mine at www.n-styleid.com I have another one I got from RoadID.com. Either web site has several different styles to look at, I especialy like the one from n-styleid, cause I can interchange  it. The bracelets have hooks on both ends. The…"
Aug 19, 2013
TravisEd replied to Beth's discussion Looking for a new Neurologist , wondering if ya'll could help.
"the naec website doesn't show anything close.  UA, LSU, and Gainesville are where higher level clinics are. :/  Thats 150-300 miles away :"( sorry. --Travis"
Aug 10, 2013
Beth posted a discussion

Looking for a new Neurologist , wondering if ya'll could help.

Don't know if this is posted under the right topic, but I figure EFA forum is the best place to ask this.  My mom will retire this year, at least that is what my dad & I want her to do. Anyway Me & Dad are hope'n transferr jobs or something. Anyway , I have used the same Neurologist in Dallas ,Texas since 5th grade. I really like him. Robert F. Leroy.  He is the neurologist that recomended I have my temporal lobe ectomy in 96. I've got to find a new one down here in Alabama. Ya'll got…See More
Aug 9, 2013
Beth replied to Thia May's discussion What is your hobby or what do you want it to be?
"Great Discussion, I want to join in! My biggest hobby is Music. My grandmother once called me a music nut. I was in marching band & concert band in Junior high & high school, I played I played valve trombone & baritone , I also sang alto…"
Jul 24, 2013
Beth replied to Kimberly's discussion Unlikely For Adults To Have Absence Seizures?
"I'm 34 & absence seizures is about all I have any more. The last one was a year & a half ago ( or there about) but me & my Neurologist have determined that was probably because I worked the night shift that week & came home…"
May 6, 2013
Beth replied to Sean's discussion Lamictal - lamotrigine
"YA'LL ARE SCARE'N ME!!!!!! Ya'll HORRIBLE experince with Lamictal  is the exact opposite of mine. It's been my life saver since My Senior year of high school( 16 years ago) I had my Left Temporal Lobe Ectomy in August of 96…"
May 2, 2013
Beth replied to Anxst's discussion Ever Have Days When You Wish You Were On Disability? in the group Working with Epilepsy
"I have had epilepsy since birth , 1978.  Went to college, but never finished. I started working at the local Mcdonalds in 04. One of my vows to myself is that I am going to put off disability as long as possable . Maybe it's cause my town…"
Apr 16, 2013
Matthew Rizer left a comment for Beth
"Something truly terrible was said to me in class last week. There is this other student with epilepsy. A group of students were talking about his class work. At one point I said to the group of students “Oh,you know him?” One of the…"
Apr 14, 2013
Beth replied to Sharon's discussion Getting hooked on one song in the group Music, The Best Medicine
"I think it helps health conditions in general. AS IF I'M A DOCTOR!!! LOL  Singing is my favorite, past time. I used to be in chorus in highschool & college. I wasn't vere stressed out about much then. Ever since I quit college…"
Apr 10, 2013
Beth replied to Karen J. Goodwin's discussion Medical Alert Jewelry in the group Life after Brain Surgery- Epilepsy
"I have had seizures since I was born in 78. I never wore my medical alert necklace & braclet till 2 years ago when I had a seizure while driving & wrecked my truck. I wear my bracelet all the time. It's one of them that you can change…"
Apr 10, 2013
Beth joined Brian's group

Thoughts Opinions on your situation?

Hi ALL.. I`m Brian.. haven`t been to the site close to a year so JUST thought i`d use this group as a (chatroom) so to say since they had removed one awhile back because of some (bad apples) let`s keep it clean/friendly/helpful for all   have a great one allSee More
Mar 26, 2013
Beth replied to Anna Rasque's discussion Music
"I was once called a Music nut. I can't make my mind up which style music I like best, though. I've got tons of country western in my CD collection, the old stuff, the 80s , 90s, & the 2000s too. Then there's Temptations ,…"
Mar 25, 2013
Beth replied to Darren Wright's discussion Are you comfortable with being referred to as an 'epileptic' or 'person with epilepsy' in the group Working with Epilepsy
"I never really thought of this either. It doesn't bother me one way or the other. Personaly I'd rather be called Epileptic or "Person with Epilepsy" then disabled or handicaped or something else. At least they are classify'n…"
Mar 20, 2013

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Beth's Blog

Taking The LONG way home

Posted on March 8, 2013 at 1:38am 2 Comments

I live in the country, outside the city limits. The county line runs though my neighbor's pasture. Well 1 of my few neighbors anyway. There are a couple of miles between each of us. Anyway!! There are 4 different ways I can think of for me to get home, depending on which county you are in & which end of said county you are comming from. On occasion I have gone from my job at McDonalds in Daingerfield, in Morris county & drove an extra 5 + miles out of the way, through cass county…


Gas Prices as seen by this Epileptic Driver

Posted on April 27, 2012 at 11:08pm 0 Comments

Yes I know it sounds like the title of a book, but it hit me the other day. I payed $80.13 to fill up my truck. Since I work 5 miles from home & only drive short distances that 1 tank will probably last me till the middle of May. As I was leaving the gas station that day I started thinking about the bunches of times my licenses has been suspended & all the people on here who can't drive , either short term or L O N G term all of us due to one thing E. Yes I know all the what if's of…


Lowtech Redneck

Posted on April 17, 2012 at 11:39am 2 Comments

Ever read some instructions for something & it seemed like greek.  But everyone else you know is using that item you've got or on that particular website, or what ever it is.  A friend of mine suggested me & her should creat our own Blogs , I forgot about thisone, so I was on blogspot.com & it's probably exstreemly simple to start one.  But I'm a Lowtech Redneck, so a got mad & deleted my account.  I do that all the time with things.  Could just be that country folks aint…


Nother Year till the next visit

Posted on January 18, 2012 at 11:05pm 1 Comment

Went to see my Neurologist this week. I only go once a year. Since the surgery in 96 the visits went from every 3 months, toevery  6months to once a year. Never did actualy see the DR. , he was in another part of the hospital reading EEG's. Saw his assistant, what ever she was. I like her. Ya gotta love it when nothing happens & they say everything looks good, we just need a little blood work. Then we will see you next year. The lady asked a…

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At 11:44am on April 14, 2013, Matthew Rizer said…

Something truly terrible was said to me in class last week. There is this other student with epilepsy. A group of students were talking about his class work. At one point I said to the group of students “Oh,you know him?” One of the students in the group says “Ya he hangs out in the lobby. He’s got mental issues (making reference to the epilepsy) kind of like you.” I was MORTIFIED!! I thought I was going to cry.

At 11:10pm on November 22, 2012, Art said…


         Read your comment on McDonald's employer & crew - always glad to hear positive news and to both realize that we try and they give us a chance.  Also read your comment on gas prices and wish I had a vehicle that I could fill up.  Even if I didn't drive it -it would still give me a "sense" of freedom.  That last part may only make sense to me though.  Agree with your sediments and also would not take it for granted.  Art


At 11:02pm on February 7, 2012, Don Miller said…

I've been on my own since 1998, it was 14 years on February 4, it was scary at first just you in what at the time seemed an enormous cave where everything echoed and you could hear a pin drop. Then you get a stereo, play some tunes, cable TV, phone, DSL, your very first rent bill, and telephone bill, your own computer, and you realize that it isn't that scary after all, make some friends, check out the restaurants, ask the waitress out (not interested by the way), you learn about budgeting your money and making it last out the month, after rent and phone take a chomp out of your wallet. Being scared is all right, heck I sometimes wonder if a bolt of lightning is going to strike the building and take out me and the Buddy dog. Being frightened is normal, trusting and loving yourself is key and it is a key that unlocks freedom and independence.

At 11:56am on November 21, 2011, John scott Wagner said…

Thats un real to video tape a siezure! its not anything to be fun out of/ I am surer the intent is to be funny!   I came back from having them but know some that do have them . A siezure is not a funny thing because  private thing! if someone needs to know about them they can go to the foundation, godbless you John

At 5:17pm on July 16, 2011, Tater's Momma said…
Have a fabulous Saturday Beth!!
At 9:58am on May 1, 2011, Don Miller said…

I have completed the manuscript for a memoir--The Lightning Storm Within: Reflections in the Rear View Mirror.  It is written on an automotive slant.

Driving Regulations are Rules for the Road

Epilepsy Facts and Figures are The Owner's Manual

In the beginning is At the Starting Line

High School is Got No Dents On Me

alcohol/sobriety (never said I was perfect) is Ethanol in the Fuel Tank

meds chapter is At the Gas Station

atonic seizures chapter is Watch For Falling Objects

Backfires is seizure types

Warning Lights is precipitors


It is all written and I am in the process of the next step, a book proposal (a sales plan of how to market and sell your book)


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