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Woke up last night smelling popcorn of all things. Not just any popcorn.Popcorn like in a movie theatre with a lot of butter.

People,I'm 48 years old.I have never smelled popcorn in the middle of the night before.Why would I start now? It's like all of a sudden after I get put on Topamax,strange things start happening. I start feeling like I'm going to have a seizure when I lay on my right side,but it subsides when I lay on my left for one. Then,last night,the smell of popcorn.I also,don't eat like I used to and have lost almost 20 lbs since September.While I don't mind the weight loss,the feelings of impending seizures are bothersome. Since current neuro dismisses my concerns over those feelings of impending seizures,I am awaiting an appointment with a new dr next month.


I feel like this. I have been Epileptic for 45+ years. I think I know my body by now and know what works for me and what doesn't,and my current neuro thinks he knows better than me. Hopefully,this new neuro will help me. I hope so,because she is the last one left here in town.

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Comment by Melissa Bryan on December 29, 2010 at 8:24pm
I don't know about the sleeping on right side thing.  However, I have had experience with smells.  I once smelling a very sweet smell in church.  I thought someone was eating cinnamon rolls or something like that.  I have had this again a few times.  I now know there can be what is called olfactory seizures.  (effects sense of smell) very strange i think.  My neuro is very perceptive of me; but he also trusts my judgement also about my intuition as well.  I am so appreciative of him.  I suppose he is a rare dr.  Look up olfactory seizure.  It is interesting.  Good luck and happy new year.

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