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“NOW I KNOW:” Thank You For Sharing Your Stories

Whether you were one of the many people who submitted a video, one of the thousands who watched or commented on submitted videos or one of the more than 3,300 people who voted for your favorite, we’d like to thank you for participating in the Epilepsy Foundation’s Now I Know video campaign. It was fantastic to see the outpouring of creativity, support and courage you all demonstrated through your participation.

While our primary aim was to create a forum where people could share their experiences, support and advice, we also wanted to offer a more tangible reward for some of the people who put so much time, energy and heart into the contest. To that end, we awarded four iPads, four iPod Touch 5th Generations, and four iPod Nanos to the videos that spread the most awareness and achieved the highest number of votes.

We are looking forward to pooling the collective knowledge of the epilepsy community into an easy-to-use resource that can serve as a jump-start point for talking about the disorder with our communities.

As a start, we are proud to announce the following prize recipients:

  • Northeast
  1. Cathy Fletcher – Ridley Park, Pa.
    1. Now I Know!! Hi…my name is Cathy and I have been diagnosed with petit-mal epilepsy for 22 years. I have learned several things since I have been diagnosed.... and I NOW KNOW THIS!!
  2. Jerri Ann S. – Va.
    1. This video was posted by my daughter
  3. Jennifer Prevete – Miller Place, N.Y.
    1. Hi, my name is Jennifer. I have Ring Chromosome 20 Syndrome. I am from Long Island, New York. Now I know that seizures don't control me, I control them!
  • South
  1. Nick Fuerte – Fla.
    1. This was part of a presentation for staff members; administrators and area specialists at my son Nick's high school, last April, as part of an Epilepsy training that we did with the help of Rachel Bilton from the Epilepsy Foundation of FL. Nick's presentation was well received and has inspired him to continue on a path of self advocacy. His video has touched so many in the Epilepsy community. Now he knows that he has made a difference for other kids like him.
  2. Camryn B. – Tega Cay, S.C.
    1. Camryn (9 yrs old) "Just like everyone else!"
  3. Meagan Kinney Gerk – Round Rock, Texas
    1. Now I Know
  • Midwest
  1. Flor De Amelia Hoffman – Ames, Iowa
    1. Aliyah VS Infantile Spasms
  2. Staci Fulton – Sugar Grove, Ill.
    1. Staci's "Now I Know" video.
  3. Andrew Hust – Cincinnati, Ohio
    1. Andrew is a 10 year old who was diagnosed in July 2012. Please listen to his story.
  • West
  1. Maile Kaneshiro – Hawaii
    1. Mj Kaneshiro's battle with Epilepsy (Dravet Syndrome)
  2. Lacey Shimabukuro – Aiea, Hawaii
    1. Now I Know...Jax
  3. Jeannett G. – Calif.
    1. Now I Know.


To view their videos, visit our YouTube page and special Now I Know Video Contest Winners playlist. Congratulations to all of you! 

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