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i'm brooke and i have epilepsy. there is times when i hate having epilepsy and times when i like having it.

i cant do anything by myself. i cant take a bath , i have to take showers. i am constantly having explain it to people over and over again. i am in serious pain all over my body after i haVE a seizure!! it has become such a pain. i have a scar on my arm 1/2 the size of my head on my arm, i had a seizure on a curling iron and got a second degree burn. it still hurts. i will never be able to drive. those are just a few of the bad effects it has had on me.

there are some good effects though

like i get to miss school for doctor appointments, i get to get out of phys. ed. ! and i think it has brung me and my family a lot closer, after i have a seizure my dad stays home more and my siblings take care of me . my sister has saved my life i dont know how many times. if it wasnt for her i probably wouldnt have made it this long, i'm only 15 and i have been on more medicines then i can count. she is one of my role models. and me having it has made my friends think greater of it. they want to be in a walk-a-thon for epilepsy. i have seen a big change in all my friends. epilepsy deffinently has had a huge affect but it has also made me realize who i really am. and who i will become.

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Comment by Traci Spears on May 24, 2010 at 4:55pm
I am 15 and have had seizure my entire life. The tonic-clonic started this August when I collapsed and broke my nose. It was in the middle of the night and my mom found me unconscious and choking on the blood draining into my lungs. 2 surgeries later, my nose is just fine. My mom, however, (and me too) will never be the same. I understand having to be watched! Sucks.
Comment by derrick coles on May 22, 2010 at 12:02am
yeah, brooke I understand the good and bad. Once I was in a FirstAid trainning class at our local Community College and while we were going over C.P.R, just after what to do when someone has a seizure--I flung my head foward (from what I'm told) and slammed it into the table (which blacked my eye for a week) then collasped onto the floor and had a seizure, needless to say I was the instant test subject but for all my effort earned an "A" for the class, though my body suffered for it.
Comment by derrick coles on May 21, 2010 at 11:43pm
yeh Brook, it sucks...and its can be somewhat good I guess. Once I was taking a firstAid training class at our local communtiy College and while we were going over C.P.R, just shortly after what to do when someone has a seizure, I suddenly (From what I'm told) screamed aloud and flung my head dead into the table, then collapsed onto the floor is a seizure, needless to say I was an instant test subject for which earned me an "A" for the class.

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