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I have epilepsy, am bi-polar and have migraine headaches almost daily.  I am unable to drive.  My family and I have discussed it and have decided that I should try to sign up for SSI disability.  Does anyone have any recommendations and or information that can be helpful.  Thank you Sandy

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Comment by Anxst on March 27, 2013 at 12:33am


You should definitely apply for SSI. We all need help sometimes. I was on SSDI for several years because of bipolar d/o and epilepsy. I totally recommend getting a disability lawyer. Sure, you have to give them a portion of your lump sum payment, but it is worth it because they can help you get your claim through much faster. I was able to get my claim approved in 3 weeks - which is totally unheard of from what I understand. If Social Security denies you the first time, do not despair. Appeal, and be sure to provide them every little bit of information they request (and believe me they will try and have you jump through many, many hoops), because you see they are betting on you not having the stamina to complete the process. They try and get you to give up and drop your claim. Just keep plugging away and I believe you have a good chance of getting your claim approved. There is a lot of information on the internet about how to prepare your SSI claim that is helpful so you might want to internet surf and find out what has worked for others. Good luck with your claim and feel free to ask me questions if you have any.

Comment by RANDY SHERMAN on March 26, 2013 at 1:45am
Your very welcome
Don't worry about your rambling . That what this site is for . Rambling for SUPPORT for those of us who can help , give and receive advices ,talk about our experiences and then you have the politic side od the DISORDER. I hope things work out.
Comment by Sandra Bacon on March 25, 2013 at 11:02pm

thanks guys.  I am very fortunate, in that I am married and my husband has a great job with good insurance.  however, what I did for a living was working was in the field of accounting.  I cant do that any longer.  my memory is bad and I have some cognitive issues.  of course the periodic seisures.  those keep me out 4 or 5 days.  I am also bi-polar.  it seems these days sometimes it is also I can do to get up and take care of myself.   please don't get it wrong.  I have an amazing husband and 4 wonderful children.  and a beautiful grand daughter.  my life is wonderful.  I have epilepsy, epilepsy does not have me.  I am commited to living with this disease as well as I can.  doing what my doctors say and being pro active to keep informed and living well and healthy.  even though my husband has a good job.  our family has taken a hit with out my income.  while ssi is not equal to my income.  it will help offset the loss.  I feel bad that I am not contributing to the family financialy.  and I am not very active these days.  but I am getting stronger.  I was in the icu for 12 days and I can not remember 17 days that I was out of it in September.  my doctors say that I am still recovering from that as well as the 7 seisures I have had since then.  again this is all so very new to me.  my therapist says that I am doing well.  and that I am going through the 5 stages of grief.  and that I am grieving for the life that I lost.  and trying to figure out the life I want to have.  I am sorry I am just rembling.  thank you all for listing to me.  I am in texas.  if anyone has any information for me.  thanks sandy

Comment by RANDY SHERMAN on March 25, 2013 at 2:53am
It a very good idea to apply w/ SSDI. And if your not working at the moment , makes it even a better reason. I too am on SSDI. I don't know what state you live in , but there are some benfits w/ it . Like the city buses in my state , we don't have to pay full price, if your into fishing you may get a discount , and when your state id expires it also posibbile to get discount on that.
When and if you feel like working, there's a program called TICKET TO WORK . You may not be able to work full-time , but you can work part time. Living on your own w/ SSDI is not too bad. When or if you start your own family , it's still possible but get a little tight .
Comment by Michelle Bailey on March 24, 2013 at 11:17pm

Hey Sandra! I went through the SSI ordeal and am now on disability. You should definitely go for it if you feel like you could use it. A lot of disability lawyers work for free unless you win, and then they take a chunk of the settlement. For me, I was deemed disabled in 2009 and won in 2010. So when I won, I got a back-pay covering all that time that I had been disabled, somewhere in the range of 10,000. My lawyer took 3,500, a good chunk, but still, it left me with a great amount of money. The way it works is that now I get a monthly check in the range of 700 dollars. I am allowed to work, but I can't make more than what I get monthly from the government monthly (700). Thus I can make 1,400 a month. Not bad. With disability comes medicare, a great coverage for medication. My meds are so crazy expensive, but I pay 2.60 for each. Medicare also covers around 80% of my hospital expenses, and clinic expenses. I also have medicaid as a secondary insurance, but the only problem with that is that some clinics don't accept it. So it limits who I can see. 

  In the meantime, while you are applying, there is a program that's called "Aid to the Needy and Disabled." It's here in Colorado anyway. It gives you some money and food stamps each month to cover you while you are applying. It's not much. For me, I got 200 a month in spending money, and 200 a month in food stamps. Hard to live off of when you can't work, but it's something. 

Anyways, I'd say definitely check it out. The paperwork is a pain, and the process can take a while... Like months or even years to get approved. But make sure to find a lawyer who wont charge ya unless you win. You can count on those guys. If it pays off, know that the benefits are awesome. Good luck to ya, and if you have questions, definitely message me, and I'll get back to ya! 


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