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My last day of work is this Friday. My supervisor told me she cannot keep me past my probationary period because my epilepsy, in her opinion, affects my work performance. Basically, I'm being let go because I have epilepsy. Never in my life has epilepsy affected me in this way... socially, yes, driving, yes, independence, yes, but work and academics have always been my forte. According to her, I make mistakes and have to be corrected a lot, and am forgetful, and she is fearful I cannot do a good job. She never even considered I have only been there for a few months, have not been well trained, many things I have had to learn on my own. She even said that when I am "cured" I can come back!


Can you believe this?? I have never felt so low.

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Comment by Tauna Corbin on April 12, 2011 at 3:00pm
There is no cure for Epilepsy.. I would find out what your rights are and see what you can do..

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