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Why me? Am I the only person that ask themselves that question. Honestly, ever since I was first diagnosed with Epilepsy I asked myself that question. I was 12 years old wen I was diagnosed with epilepsy and I am now 17. I don't know what happens or what I do when I get a seizure. I guess you can say I become unconscious. They've been getting worse. I cant breath, I feel heavy, I cant talk etc. etc.. It's really bad. So I've been told. Knowing that I cant do certain things because of what I have is probably one of the worst feelings. I want to be a mother when I get older and knowing I may not be able to have children really truly sucks. Seeing how other people can do anything and stay up late without having to worry about taking medication sometimes makes me feel even worse then I already do. And knowing that I cant stay up late like others is really upsetting to me too. I'm not saying that's something I would LOVE to do but that's something I wish I could do. See, I cant stay up late because no sleep equals worse seizure. Sleeping over a friends house? Yeah my mother needs to talk to her mother not to only meet her but to let her know about my medication. I don't want the whole world knowing but that's what she has to do in order for me to stay the night at someones house. Warn them that I have to wake up at 6:00 am go to their kitchen and take medicine and then at around 7:00 pm have to go to their kitchen and take my medicine again. Can someone please talk to me? Anybody that understands please.

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Comment by Sharon on December 15, 2013 at 3:16am

Sorry to hear that yours are getting worse and hope you are able to find meds to help.  I got diagnosed when I was 23 and it was extremely difficult to accept the diagnosis of Epilepsy.  It took two to three years for me to finally say "this is my life now" and adjust to it.  I had always thought it was something one was born with.

When I was on a high dose of Potiga I would have to go to bed right after taking my meds at 11:45 or I would have a panic attack.  I'm 32 now and had a bedtime when I was on Potiga. I am currently coming off of it so I am able to stay up a little later but still have to be careful. 

Having epilepsy has changed my life for the better (yes, it's weird to say).  I have realized how much I took things for grated like driving.  I love driving and listening to music.  My license has been suspended three times.  Currently, it's suspended and it's been two years.  But I am able to walk places yeah I would rather drive but I am lucky to be able to walk.

Hope this helps some.  Feel free to ask me any questions

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