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Tuesday 7 2012 will be the first actual day with my lawyer and Exxon Mobil.

I was fired in 2010 after having my first seizure and finding out at 40 that I have

Epilepsy.  Wish me luck!!

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Laura,  good luck, and I am sorry you were fired. On another note I do hope your doing better and have things under control. I and many others are not working because of E. I at the age of 58 had my first tonic clonic seizure. actually 3 in a row and I am now on SSD and so greatfull every morning I do not have to go to work, if I feel bad that day from effects of a seizure or meds I can rest and stay home. It is hard to hold a job while having any seizures, tonic, complex, or simple.


Keep us updated as to how you are and how things are going.



Laura Good luck to you I think we all have been through something like that I know I have simply because others don't understand and are scared. I am waiting for disability approval but even then I would still like to work because I like to be around others and I don't let them push me around just because of what I have I make them understand it isn't something to be afraid of and that I am just as good as they are and if we don't do that things will never change. You have a wonderful day!

Tammi, There is a member of the everyday problems with E , and other sites named Alex, he works from home. I was unable to join him in his adventure but you might be able to. Look him up. I know it is not working with others but you could go to a food pantry or vol somewhere else. I would since I am now driving again after two years not being able to but I am busy with going to the nursing home where my mother is living and babysitting for my youngest grandson three days a week. When things slow down I will.

Good luck with the SSD, I do hope they approve it for you. Then comes finding insurance for me and others on SSD. We have to wait 2 years before we can get Medicare in Missouri. I pay cash for my Dr and meds. My neuro charges me a cash payment of 125.00 per visit and if I don't have it that day I can mail it in. That is a blessing. My primary will charge 96.00 a visit. That is not the problem for me. its the meds. I did find a web site called.  rxoutreach.com I have sent an application and waiting for a reply. If they can help I will get three months Keppra for 50.00. They do not carry the Vimpat I am on. But I am still searching for help with that.

I have tried to get insurance and can not. So I will strugle for another 1 1/2 years till July of 2013. Then I can get Medicare.

Your right Tammi we have to let them know we are still a value to the workforce, we do have value and help change things. It has taken me a long time to feel like I can do that.

You both have a great weekend.


Hi Laura.


I had my first epilepsy diagnosis last year at the age of 36.  I was so shocked that one can have that as an adult?  It is so hard to go to work now as I cannot drive and keep getting them seizures at work.  Good Luck

Hello Laura


I wish you well in doing this.  I had a hard time with empolyers also when I suffered with Epilepsy.  The emoployer has no reason to take your pay cheques a way from you.  It does not bennifit anybody by having you unempolyed it cost tax payers to much.  I admire you for fighting this Take Care.  I wil pray for your success.
Irene Shikoh said:

Hi Laura.


I had my first epilepsy diagnosis last year at the age of 36.  I was so shocked that one can have that as an adult?  It is so hard to go to work now as I cannot drive and keep getting them seizures at work.  Good Luck

I'm praying for you Laura. You will get this. You have a great support system and now you have a macro social worker that will advocate for you if I have to. Stay strong and as healthy as you can. God bless.

Renee C. Deyden, MSW

Hi Laura

            Good luck whith your multiple problems!but all will go well for you just dont stop trying your strenth

will see you thru.

God Bless and happy Valintines day

Laura, I wish you the best of luck. I know what it is like, I recently dealt with a discrimination case with my employer just because I had epilepsy. He had decreased my hours and was not treating me the same as all the other workers. I did not come out successful yet, at least I can say that I put up a fight for epilepsy.  I hope that yours is successful.


Andrew Cooper

Good luck, Laura! I was almost forced into your position, but after telling the people within my company who were refusing accomodation that I had a lawyer and an EEOC counselor was enough for them to back off.  I think they understood (after I explained to them) how harassing me would reflect on their own careers within the company.


I am a lawyer and have epilepsy that is controlled by meds.  I am fascinated by your lawsuit and would be very interested in following the same. Exxon Mobil? I hope that you have a good employment lawyer, and I wish you all the luck in the world.  All the best, Tom

I wish you luck honey.  Did they find the cause of your epilepsy.  I started mine at 36 and did not think that one can have e as an adult.

My husband recently started his fight with an employer due to his epilepsy. He was offered the job, went to pre employment physical, where they specifically asked him if he has ever had seizures, he told the truth, and then was told he had to disclose his medical condition. Of course as soon as he did, the job offer disappeared. He contacted the EEOC for starting his fight. Sounds like it will take years to be done with this fight, but we cannot let these employers get away with treating someone wrong just because of a medical condition, it doesn't matter what the condition is. I know this is an old post, but I hope your case has gone well and that you win yours.


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