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Hi all I am a little new to this group,

I will be trying to get a real job this fall other than occasional babysitting, though I was wondering if there is any techniques that you guys use to prevent seizures being triggered by open fluorescent lighting or bright lighting? If any of you are triggered by open fluorescent lighting or just bright light in general.

To me I'm not that bothered except for suddenly being blurry, hot and extremely tired if I'm in open fluorescents, to me its normal but to my mom on the other hand says that its caused by seizures because that's how I was when my last seizure hit back in 2009 when I was in fluorescent lighting. Pretty much Lamotrigiene the medication I'm on does its job in preventing my seizures from being what they use to be sporatic and triggered. But for some reason fluorescent's are just a major trigger for me.

Thanks! Jess

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Jessica, It sounds like your mom is right, seizures can be anything like blurry, hot and extremely tired the tired is after it happens that sounds like the after effect. Good luck Jess.

Hi Jess;

Welcome to this site!  Glad to hear you are reaching out to find out what people think!  I have overall light sensitivity, but I think that's caused by my blue eyes.  It sure sounds like a low grade seizure, but I'm no expert.  Any word from the neuro's?  Ir sounds like the doc's should be aware of this - because if they are sz's then the Lamictal isn't doing all it should.  btw, I'm also on Lamictal (and neurontin).  I haven't noticed anything with flourescents, but I have no idea what my triggers are.  I also do a lot of work both in and on fluorescents so my lack of photosensitivity as regards sz's is a very good thing!

Good luck with this,


Both @ Juanita and Peter thanks for responding and thank you for welcoming me.

Didn't know you had blue eyes too. LOL

When you have lighter colored eyes you are more sensitive to lighting?

My neurologist knows about this but, there is no other medication I can go on for Photosensitive seizures and spontaneous seizures. I have tried everyone .. the only one that was left was Lamictal. Or to go back to one of my older meds I tried in the past but they never worked and gave me numerous side effects that was an impact to my health ex Depakote. I was also told to try to wear tinted glasses in fluorescence's(though there is no guarantee that they will work) or to stay away from that type of lighting. Which is kind of hard these days since they are everywhere! Lamictal does its job for my regular seizures that I use to have in the past, now I have none at all, along with not be triggered by other triggers. Except according to my mother flourescents and bright light are major.  But, thanks for wishing me luck! -

Maybe I can get a job outside. Not sure If this helps any but I have Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy.


They do have special glasses for that check it out other people are using them and there is a difference,and they are not sun glasses that you buy in stores so check it out. good luck

Hi Jess;

You are quite welcome.  I used to have tinted glasses because I frequently am outside.  Bear in mind that it is a lot brighter outdoors than inside, even with flourescents.  The other thing you should know about tinted glasses is that they change over the course of a few minutes, so they're a bit slow to reduce the incoming brightness.  They work with exposure to UV so inside a car or building they will not get dark.  Another aspect is that they only tint, they do not darken to the extent dark glasses do. They can get darker only about halfway between regular glasses and dark glasses, so you get clear glasses that cut about half the brightness, or you get half dark regular glasses that darken fully.  It's a tradeoff because to get fully dark glasses outside, you have to get the darker ones which leave you with a pair of tinted glasses even indoors.  They are also not cheap.  

Maybe because bright light is a trigger you can get a scrip and insurance coverage.

Good Luck!


Lights don't bother me but the cold does and if I get cold I will have seizure problems. Here where I live we haven't had the kind of weather I am used to for this time of year and its been a lot cooler so when you go from the outside into the inside where they are running air conditioning I will have trouble. Others cannot understand why I don't run an air conditioner but I would rather be hot and not have seizures than to be cold and have them. 

Thank you all for your responses, I really appreciate it. :)

@ Tammi - thanks for your response too. Everyone is different I guess. Where you from? If you don't mind me asking.

How I know about the glasses is Penny a friend on this page had the same problem and now she has the right glasses to work in bright lights with no problem, SO if you cane find her on this ep site she might be able to help you on that she went threw that.  Her Name is Penny Niebauer if you can find her and be friends with her she probley be ably to help, Maybe look on my Page you might find her. hope this helps


Jessica Robinson said:

Thank you all for your responses, I really appreciate it. :)

@ Tammi - thanks for your response too. Everyone is different I guess. Where you from? If you don't mind me asking.

Jessica, Photo is a common trigger. Both Photo & Audio trigger my seizure activity. We do not have many ways to bypass either of these things and we just need to learn to live with them.

Take care,

Mike aka FighterNC


I am not sure how old you are but, what about a job as a host or server, many restaurants have florescent only in the kitchen. Maybe this could work as you would have very minimal exposure. A talk with the hiring manager night even cut that back too. 

Good Luck with the Job search!



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