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A tip on what to eat after a seizure. I get a very upset stomach and head aches

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Hi Colleen,

I know what you mean, I have the upset stomach and headache too.  I could never quite come up with a way to describe the feeling till I read it on here.  But I think the "roller coaster" feeling that I get in my stomach is part of the reason for the upset stomach.  I have found that if I just stick with my "comfort food", my stomach seems to not give me as much of a problem. 

What do you consider comport food?

Yes,a roller coaster feeling is right. Since I am older it sticks with me for a long period of time too!

I have lost 13lbs. That is what the scales at the doctors said yesterday.

I had cut all the stuff I love out of my diet because of this Acid Reflux I get.

After this last seizure,I really don't care to eat much.

Personally-and I could be mistaken-I think the reason for the horrid headaches and the stomach issues after the seizure is because of the over-worked muscles during the seizure. Rapidly contraction and relaxing muscles many times in succession for as long as it may last-it's bound to put everything muscle-related into an uproar. Usually I end up with charlie-horses in both legs and I've even had pulled butt-muscles before. I usually have to force myself to eat for about 24 hrs afterwards, because I won't feel hungry at all, but I know that just because I don't feel hungry doesn't mean my body doesn't need nourishment-and I get low-blood sugar issues once in awhile, so I'm kinda afraid to skip meals!!
I usually go to a deep sleep after seizure, then vomit after my sleep.. though my head really hurts, i ignore it by going back to sleep.. any food makes my stomach upset. I prefer to drink water, it makes me feel better.


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