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For those of us who are tired of the stigma- as well as the lack of general knowledge- attached to Epilepsy, and desire to make a difference. A place to exchange ideas, share fears, ask questions and celebrate our successes.

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Don't give up fighting epilepsy.

Started by Eugina G Herrera. Last reply by Eugina G Herrera Apr 2. 16 Replies

  You don't give up fighting epilepsy. You fight with your strong will and live.   There is more to life and we all are important not to ever give up hope,  Where there is a will there will always be…Continue

A New Documentary About Epilepsy

Started by Brian Bisson Mar 30. 0 Replies

Hi Everybody. My name is Brian Bisson and I live in Toronto, Ontario Canada. I am posting here because I need your help.  I am creating a new documentary about Epilepsy called Seize The Day and would…Continue

To Convert A Negative thought into a Positive one.........

Started by Eugina G Herrera. Last reply by Eugina G Herrera Mar 15. 44 Replies

To convert a negative thought into a Positive one. guard your mind against negative thoughts.Always say Thank YouAlways say something Positive with a Strong Affirmation.Act of kindness from your…Continue

Tags: Healing each other by interacting everyday, Positivity, NEW WAY OF LIVING


Started by Sydnee Alyster. Last reply by Suzi Davis Mar 2. 3 Replies

I think the misunderstanding comes from movies. I remember watching a movie about Caesar, who had seizures, which portrayed him as nearly going mad during an episode. we share a condition with many…Continue

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Comment by Pam Sullens 3 hours ago


I have a quick question for you, and I assuming that you've heard of the Bible and the Ten Commandments.-Have you ever told a lie in your life-just one? - Have you ever stolen anything-even a small thing-like a pen or something?-Well-to God , those are sins-Sin is sin to God-He does not make the difference between- "big sins" and "little sins" - God is perfect-and God keeps His word. He will not change.

God is not a "story". and His word-the Bible does contain stories of His truth and true accounts. You are also correct that most people including myself do what I want to do-at least I used to. Romans 3:23 Everyone has sinned, and we all fall short of God's glorious standard. (the 10 commandments) (if I and you break or have broken just 1 of them-even stealing a pencil-we will suffer His wrath. 

God is not responsible for us breaking those commandments-Satan is!-You are listening to him now by denying God-and by denying HIs holiness! God is speaking to you-otherwise you would not be so defensive Robert-

Do you know something? God hears your thoughts- and He knows ever time we've broken on of His "little  sins". Satan wants to not to hear these words-because satan knows that you are searching Robert. He wants to be separated from God-forever. satan also knows that you have to make just 1 choice-that will not be separated from God-that choice is this: Believe in your heart- and receive in your mind-that you are a sinner (that you've broken at least one of God's commandments) -if you Robert believe in your heart-that Jesus Christ is the son of God-and if you admit to Him that you have broken his commandments -and that you proably will break even more of them(-which we all have including me) -God is Holy- Romans 3:24 says He knows that we've all broken and will break those laws- Romans 3:24 says that God with the kindness none of deserve-declares that we are righteous.

If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord  and believe in your heart you will be saved. -But- He will pour His anger and His wrath on those who live for themselves. (believe that His word is "nonsense?)-and who refuse to believe the truth and instead live lives of wickedness. There will be trouble and calamity who everyone who keeps doing what is evil (denying our sins (even the "little" ones). But there will be glory and honor and peace from God to all who does good (accept that we've sinned). God does not show favoritism.

If you were to die today from a seizure perhaps; can you say without any doubt-that you would be with the Lord? If you don't say this and don't believe this-I can say without a doubt that you would no, and I would be with Him.

God is responsible for all the is good and beautiful-we are made in His image Robert-Choose this day who you will serve-Satan wants you to die-God is begging to you that you will live. It's up to you. Being "good" is not enough to God.



Comment by Eugina G Herrera 4 hours ago

Hello guys how are you seizure wise i know i'm not having any since i increased my medication no choice and will be seeing my doctor later this afternoon for a follow up on my seizure's disorders and to know that has to be modified or a re-evaluation of my meds or newer med for my g-mal.  zapping hasn't stopped.  worse than being in a electrical storm follow by many confusion, dizziness, disorientation, headaches, (balance) off when walking, and red welts around neck very painful. i know mri will be in that question which is out of the question knowing is not mental or physical. I know doctor's very well, to say let us be the judge of that. I think i will have to mention electric harassment, not sure, will have to.  i know doctor's again will say "what" ?  electric harassment what is that? doctor's will think i'm nuts. @ you know what?  i don't care what my doctors think of what i'm experiencing with these zapping that leaves my whole body and persona so out of tune and balance with more seizure's that i had to increase dosage, i had no choice.  At least I haven't  had any.  I really think i'm being zapped for sharing the truth, and again, you know what this is who i'm honesty why should i lie or make anything up?  I have nothing to hide.  I'm a very outgoing person, very positive and love life and love to hear people's  issues how they have been coping and struggling, and how life is treating them.  My life is very good!  ( :   Zapping will be investigated.  In the meantime, I will continue being here welcoming newer members to hear their issues and to put a smile on their face of what life is really all about.  Enjoying life, and loving it!  To have love in your life is to have a balance relationship and harmony always.  I love life! I love G-d or God!  I love myself!  I love my family! @ I love you guys for supporting me the same way i'm supporting you.  We will be here until the end.

Can't Wait to meet you in person to give you a welcome warm hug ( :  for that is who I'm, i'm a huggable person.  I love hugs!  ( :

May the light shine on all of you 4ver Sz Free!


Comment by Robert Keane 5 hours ago
Thanking who? Open your minds and realise that Christianity is nonsense, god is a story to keep order in the world otherwise people would do what they wanted without fear of repercussion. God my hole. He's responsible for all that is good and beautiful but no bad that occurs.
Unintelligent hope for those who are afraid to see the truth
Comment by Pam Sullens on Friday

Thanking the Lord is always a great thing to do! I hope you're doing better today-!

I just got in from making my garden-I'm covered with IA dirt from my head to my toes-but it felt good to get "down and dirty"- lol

Anyway-really hope you are doing better Eugina.

Pam ( :

Comment by Eugina G Herrera on Friday

Light is love, and love is light. My belief is in One (G-d) and always upon awakening i say thank G-d I'm alive and before retiring I say I thank G-d always.  I read Psalms always and 5 chapters of the (Jewish Bible) I have been doing that since the day I met my ex-hubby who involved my faith into (Judaism).  I believe we are all child of G-d and we will go on in our journey the day his judgement arrives that all sinners will be lifted with his hand from harm's way.

4Ver Sz Free!

~Eugina  ( :              Thank you Pam that is so nice of you.

Comment by Pam Sullens on Friday


I have looked up Electronic Harassment-To be honest-I've never heard of that-I am praying - God's Perfect Light-Love-and Liberty into you and to surround you now-No weapon formed against God's children will prosper. Are you a Child of God and have you given yo life fully over to Jesus Christ Eugina? Take care.


Comment by Eugina G Herrera on Friday

I don't believe in aspirin, did have seltzer which helps.  I've never seen so many absence seizure's after learning someone been whistle blowing what i and don't do while here on our supportive and very friendly sight or site, i know i'm making sense.  Pam i must thank you for sharing your honesty  how many we have here with an open mind to comprehend what many have gone through living seizure free, unfortunately more seizure's.  My sister Rebecca, is very concerned that would like i to go the nearest er for monitoring my seizure's and she is supporting my newer issues which has nothing to do with (seizure's), new topic is "electric harassment" i'm a new victim of this tormenting during nights has caused my headaches and seizure's after being zapped.  I've tried to rest and can't sleep, very sleep deprived.  I have bought over the counter Benadryl it helps some.  Pam,   try to look up when you can, about electric harassment and what it can do to your mentally.    I know it has nothing to do with what i wrote about barack obama when thousands of people write about him.  I know is either whistle blower, or big brother.  I told my family last night, I'm very concerned and scared not to ever see you guys again after experiencing so many seizure's while asleep to see my gums and tongue bitten.  This isn't fiction. I'm this example.  This is fact.  I'm not delusional Not Stress, Not tension, Not anxiety, Not imagination, Not incoherent, Not crazy, or nuts, I'm experiencing electric harassment.  Pam,  Is very painful, by the back of your neck and ears many pulsating zaps of electricity is felt from the ground to front of my body that goes back behind my head areas leaving my entire mentality very disoriented and confused not able to walk right.  Not under any influence of drugs abuse or alcohol which i don't drink.  I don't think so out of the question (not my medication or any side effects).  I really believe that our government is evil.  

However, I will win this tormenting battle of whom is responsible for targeting epileptics.

Pam may you and yours always have a very safe and fabulous weekend 4ever Sz Free!

~Eugina  ) :

Comment by Pam Sullens on Friday

Eugina-I'm so sorry that you're having trouble! I am praying for you today-Please get your rest-and nurture yourself! Have a great weekend-if that's possible. ( :



Comment by Eugina G Herrera on Friday

I'm not going to chat 2 much here, I need 2 rest, had another seizure while asleep last night, my tongue bitten inside with a huge headache, i felt many zaps of electricity at 3:00 am, had to get up to drink seltzer water since it really helps for headaches and dizziness, i really wish it stops ELECTRIC HARASSMENT & BULLYING!

Have a wonderful 4ver Weekend seizure free alway with one G-d or and other beliefs that you believe......i believe i'm getting zap now behind my neck as i'm composing as though something or someone don't want i to continue sharing what i'm experiencing, makes a lot of sense, since we have many group combinations or who knows maybe someone whom is affiliated with these electric harassment here on our wonderful sight whom is whistle blowing what i do or don't as if i don't live with epilepsy or not an epileptic.  I do have epilepsy.

Have a wonderful one!

~Eugina Giovanna Herrera

Comment by RANDY SHERMAN on March 21, 2014 at 7:26am

I received an interesting medical report when I was on facebook . NEWS MEDICAL is reporting that EPILEPSY and BIPOLAR are possibly link. If interest you can go to the website. www.news-medical.net/news/2014319/Bipolar-disorder-and-epilepsy-cou...


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