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The Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan is a wonderful resource.
A co-worker recommended me to talk with a fellow by the name of Russel Derry. Ever since talking to him, I have been able to do several things. One of which, which was a big controversy, was allowing me to scuba dive. Russ helped tremendously in my efforts.
If you get a chance, check out the Michigan Epilepsy Foundation. Just Google Michigan Epilepsy Foundation.

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Yes,I totally agree with bus definitly check out Michigan Epilepsy Foundation.I've been on there for a wk
now and love it the people are so nice ,they also can help anser any questions you have or concerns.
Here's the link to the Michigan Epilepsy Foundation:

When my seizures returned in college, I found a support group through the Michigan office which was very helpful. I met with a group of people with epilepsy monthly, and we'd discuss how we'd been doing since the last meeting. Joining that group helped me realize it wasn't necessary to constantly worry.

There were always pamphlets available, for us to give to others, to help them understand epilepsy. Having the pamphlets was very helpful. I went to one of the November conferences back in '04, and was happy to share my story.
I help out with the foundation, when I started working at Camp Discovery as a camp counselor. Its great you should check it out
Good for you, trying the scuba diving, BUS!
Thanks for all the love, people!! Russ, Cindy, Sheryl and all the rest of us at the Foundation do our best to provide support and info.

Let me know if you ever want to give back via volunteering (we need LOTS of volunteers given our small staff size) like Hillary has done at Camp Discovery and like Night Owl did at our conferences. We have lots of new volunteer opportunities developing all the time!


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