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Looks like a great tracking tool. How to go about opening up a discussion on seizure tracker? I use to "track my seizures" on a calendar with time of day and activity. Usually would see a pattern with my cycle and frequency. With modern tools ie blackberry, palms etc.. its easy to print out on a PC and present to doctors as a montlhy report to see if medications (or changes) are working. Seizure tracking is also a good tool to see if medication levels are dipping in the middle of the day / evening. This was apparent in my tracking and helped quite a bit.

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Thanks for starting this discussion! I completely agree with you about technology making it easier to log and track seizure activity. Before we developed https://www.SeizureTracker.com we used a paper notebook to keep up with everything and it became cumbersome and inefficient for us, which led to the development of SeizureTracker. Our son was just having too many seizures and medication changes to be able to keep everything straight. I also think it's empowering to have all the info collected when you go to the neurologist to work together to find solutions.
i have taperecoder it is in my pocket
Thanks again for starting this post Lisa! I wanted to let you know that we now have a new mobile phone interface too. It is accessible to any phone or hand-held device with internet access. Check it out here...


We'd love to hear feedback if you try it out!
I have been using my notepad on my cell phone to track my seizure and hot flash activity. The tracker is a great tool to use also. Though I haven't been tracking them from the start, only over the past year or so.
Hi all:

Agreed - thanks for starting this discussion. Seizure Tracker looks like a great tool, although I haven't tried it. Epilepsy.com also has a free seizure diary, which is good if you're interested in tracking seizures and basic info. Keppra (if you take that med) has a small application for download that people can use, although it is a little limited. I created EpiTrax, which you are also welcome to check out at www.neomedsoft.com. Lots of options.

I once carried a notepad for recording seizures. I once recorded my seizures on a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). These tools have their advantages. Transcribing my seizure into a format that is easily used by others proved the most difficult part of these early methods. When I developed a template, using "Microsoft Excel", I had a great solution, but I would often forget to enter seizures that happen when I was away from home.

Seizure tracker solves a number of issues for me. The information is situated in a way that is easily understandable, it contains report templates that allow seizure patterns to easily emerge, and I can access the program remotely by using my cell phone.


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