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I need to find some asap, I had purchased a bottle at the Vitamin shoppe near my house but they dont carry it anymore. I have called Cvs,walgreens,rite aid all the chains and no one seems to carry it.

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I would contact a compounding pharmacy. They compound, vitamins, etc. When my daughter was younger we had to use a compounding pharmacy. Good luck! Michele

Ok thanks will look into that..

Carlson's vitamin B-6 liquid.  Amazon carries it on-line.  Some of my local Vitamin Shoppes also carry it but not all.  They do have an on-line site, as well.  I never saw it in any stores other than Vitamin Shoppe.  Did you try GNC?  I did the compounding thing for a while.  Most pharmacists will do it for you, if you are in a pinch and can't wait for delivery.


yea i was using the Carlsons b-6 but the bad thing it comes in glass and my son accidently dropped it and the bottle broke.

My neurologist office nurse called it into a special pharmacy that would do different flavors for us and we would get it that way and insurance would cover it...or maybe the health food stores may have it, but when my daughter was taking it I went through her neurologist because Walgreens told me that they could do the liquid for me and then I was told they couldn't...so a nurse at the Neurologist office got it in liquid for me, but it didn't work out and she wouldn't take it.  Good luck.


Thanks Nicole im going to contact the neurologist, maybe they can order it for us


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