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I met a woman @ the grocery yesterday with a seizure alert dog. She said he changed her life. I was wandering if anyone has one or info on getting one.

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Hello Brandi  - My name is Gail and I am Robert 's mother. I don't know too much

about the dog you are talking about. But I can tell you if you get a golden retriever

they become tuned in.

Robert has a golden. The dog "just knows" when Robert isn't feeling well.

Awhile ago when he was having his seizures one night Robert started to fall

the dog went right over and stayed right by his side.

This dog was not trained. He never has been.

Goldens just seem to know. I have been told that they

smell it. Whatever it is I think that it is great! 

Max our Golden knows that Robert has some kind of medical

trouble. But I am glad we have him! Robert & Max get along great!

They are worth their weight in gold.    Gail

I know of several companies that train these animals I started trying to get one about 1 year ago, I am going to warn you know from what I have seen so far the average cost a Seizure alert Dog is roughly between $8000-$12000. If you would like the information on said companies you can google for seizure alert dog service animal, or try to contact Seizure Alert Dogs for Life which is a company that provides pure breed German Shepherds that are trained for this. If you have any further questions feel free to ask thank you.

Hi Brandi,

We are in the process of acquiring a seizure service dog for our 14 year old son through Paws With a Cause out of Wayland, Mi. Hope this helps - we are really looking forward to this addition and my son is VERY glad and looking forward to greater independence.

Good Luck,



These are some of the sites I am looking into for my son.

  • Assistance Dogs International
  • International Association of Assistance Dogs Partners
  • Bonnie Bergin University of Canine Studies
  • Delta Society
  • American Temperament Test Society, Inc.

thank you everyone for the responses. I've been checking into it. I never realized how much money goes into training these dogs. The idea is wonderful hopefully in the future they can make it more feasible for the average person.

Hi, Brandi.  My daughter is 14 and has a golden retriever that we are training to be her seizure response dog.  Jack is 11 months old, proficient in basic obedience and intermediate obedience; he can retrieve: rescue meds, a water bottle, a cell phone, and he is training now to hit an alarm button to notify anyone in the house of a seizure.  He also can recognize a complex partial and tonic clonic and respond on his own, with no verbal cues.  A service dog can most definitely add some independence to a life affected by seizures.  Jack does this for my daughter, and he also gives us (parents) peace of mind.  He still has a few more months of training, but I trust him to let us know if something is going on if she is in her bedroom upstairs.  Stephen- are you kidding me?  Do you not see the bad press on the company you have recommended?  Susan- Paws With a Cause is AWESOME.  I have a friend who has a service dog from them, and he is absolutely AMAZING. Lynsey- good job doing your research through those sites. ADI, IAADP, and DS are wonderful platforms to start your search for a REPUTABLE company.  For those who may be looking, please do your research on the companies.  Sadly, there are many scammers out there.

PS: if anyone has any questions I can be reached at kaitlinscauze@comcast.net

Many of these dogs are free of charge you just have to look really hard to find a good company that is free.



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