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My daughter, age 6, has been able to write her name for at least two years.  This year in kindergarten she has been working on other words and numbers. 


She is right handed and has mixed epilepsy. Seizures are starting in her left temporal lobe and recently they've seen on the EEG activity in the frontal lobe as well.  Her seizures almost always generalize.


Throughout this year, she has been alternating both hand usage (using her left more and then stopping) it has been a bit difficult for her OT in school.  They've primarily been focused on helping her with her right hand, since that is always her first "pick-up", but not necessarily her most capable if you KWIM?    Anyhow, also this year she started transposing her numbers.  Not uncommon for a 6 year old.  However just the other day I noticed that she is pretty consistently not transposing, but mirror writing her numbers.  We are painting her room (purple of course) and I let her paint her name on the wall so it would always be there under the paint -- she painted her name completely in mirror writing.


The neurologist has suggested in relation to the handedness issue that her right temporal lobe might be "making up for the damage" in her left temporal lobe.  Is mirror writing a part of that? I did some googling and it seems like there isn't clear information on mirror writing.  Has anyone had experience with this? Is it worth calling the neurologist?


Her seizures are not completely under control, but we've managed to lessen them in frequency quite a bit since this winter.  (From daily to once every 20 days.)  So it gives us a chance to try to focus on other skills and probelm solving.

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Hi Debra,

Just a quick background... our son is 8 diagnosed with Absence/Complex Partial seizures when he was 6. He wrote normally before the seizures started, and then after up until the end of grade two (ish) he was writing his name mirrored. Sometimes it would be the right way, then not. He did this little project and everything was completely mirrored. He is almost done grade 3, and although his numbers on occasion still are backwards he has stopped doing the rest.

We were told by the neuropshsyc. that he would most likely out grow doing that, and he has. He just said there was a lot of new information coming in, and a lot of missed and interrupted messages going on in his brain. As well as his teacher said she has seen this from time to time also.

And about calling the neuro. I would still phone them and let them know, the more information they have the better.


I am a reading teacher & work, at times, with Kindergarteners. One "oddity" I've begun to notice is mirror writing in some left-handed kids. It's as if they are doing a complete mirror image of what they see the teacher doing, following the exact strokes. The ones I have seen have grown out of it as they begin to write more & are more experienced.

Does she mirror-write with her left or right hand?

Have her practice her letters, numbers & words in sand or shaving cream or some other 3-D way.

I've read online about "mirror writing" in left-handers.  However she is doing perfect mirror writing with her right hand.   Most of the time she is writing perfectly normal with her right hand, but will do things like computer mouse with her left. 


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