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Addison had a seizure yesterday (at least I am 99.9% sure she did). She had been seizure free since Oct 5. Being five she is gowing fast and hopefully we can up her meds, waiting a call back from the neuro. She vomited, I gave her a shower, she got back in the bed, starting shivering, started making some weird noises, I sat her up to vomit, then she passed out. Could not get her to respond, she slept for a few hours and then was up and ready to go. She spent the night before coughing and I had a stomach bug so really unsure how everything is connected. Broke down yesterday, really thought we might be on the right track.

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Gesshh, this sounds almost like the same thing that happened to us last week!!  Sorry to hear she had a seizure after going so long.  My son had been seizure free for 9 months.  I have been in a mood since last week.  I don't feel like it ever gets easier on any of us.  My son threw up, took a shower, laid on the bed and had a seizure.  We always have to take him to the ER because he seizures are triggered by a low medication level.  My son is almost 5 and ever 9-11 months he outgrows his dose.  His neuro has told us in the past that when he gets a stomach bug he probably isn't absorbing his medication as well.  Might be similar with your daughter.  Hope your daughter is feeling better!!

Oh Carly... how devastating.  That's one of those things that are so scary about epilepsy- just when you think you have it figured out it changes, and you don't know where it's all headed...

I do hope you find an answer and soon. "HoyaTwins" explanation sounds like a good possibility- and a fixable problem, too.

Please keep us posted. 

(and also, it's ok to break down. love to you friend...)

Hang in there Carly.....we have to keep moving forward on these tough days and cherish the seizure free time. Lots of prayers for your daughter and you....


Thanks everyone. Of course her neuro is out of town. The nurse is going to see if the on call doc will do anything. If not will be waiting until Friday.

I'm so sorry.  How does she seem today? 

She just finished softball practice but really wasn't into it like usual

Maybe it was just a touch of the stomach bug you had...I know when Eric is getting sick his activity will increase.  It is a frustrating path, no doubt.  Maybe she'll eat a little supper and go to bed early and be right as rain tomorrow! 



Hugs and prays are coming your way....hope that you got some answers and a call back from the Neurologist.  I do know what your talking about...My daughter is hooked up right now to an Ambulatory EEG right now...hoping for answers also...Good luck....hope the answers have come....my daughter also had a seizure yesterday and no med increase till we get results of her eeg...


Hey Carly ! sorry to hear that :-(.  even our son's started seizing again he was seizure n symptom free for nearly 12 days and the myclonics, falls n tonic clonics are back.  I know how u must feel - even am in the same shoes but the only hope is God's grace and mercy coz that never changes no matter what.

Hold on....love to you'll.



Neuro office finally called back yesterday evening, upping both doses and updating HER neuro when he gets back. She fell asleep cuddling in my lap last night (definately unusual for her) but she seems back to herself this AM

Glad to hear she is having a better morning!  I hope you have a wonderful, seizure free day!


I was just wondering about how illness would affect Josh this morning with two of his siblings sick with fevers and diarrhea.  One day at a time.  Joshua has been seizure free since his diagnosis, as far as I know.  But that is only since 2/22 of this year. 

Sorry to hear you guys are a having a rough time.  Hopefully it was the bug and the med adjustment will take care of it for a while.  Kaylee went almost two years and Frank (my hubby) went 26 years and they both have had seizures in the past few months.  It's always hard.  Hugs and prayers to you and the family.


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