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My son's neuro wants to change his meds from Keppra to either carbatrol, trileptal, or lamictal.  My son is 3.  If anyone can share any experience they have had with any of these meds, please share them with me.  Keppra has made him emotional and he has had some behavioral problems.  The reason for the change in meds is because he was diagnosed with partial complex seizures last year and is now having absence seizures.

Please help.

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I don't really know what to tell you.  Medicines work differently for different people.  My daughter took Trileptal and she didn't have less seizures.  We took her off and she was put on Lamictal.  After months of us trying to get her to the right dose, I noticed that after her baths she was getting red looking spots, on  her back.  I told the doctor about it and she thought it was an allergy to something.  I told her that I felt like it was when she increased her Lamictal. Since we were not sure, she increased again, and said if I noticed it again, we could come to the conclusion that it was the medicine. It happened again,and this time she got big, raised marks on her back and torso.  I immediately contacted the doctor and she was taken off of it.

With lamictal you have to titrate very slowly.  So, we never got to a good level of meds that could help with her seizures, before she got the reaction to it.  However, you could try any of these meds and have no problem.

Sorry I wasn't more help.  I have just found that what works for one, might not another.  It's a trial and error thing until you find the right med/med combo.  Good luck and let us know what you wind up trying.


I like lamictil the best out of the 3, HATED Keppra made my daughter very emotional, Trileptal increased her spikes on the EEG havent tried lamictal yet but thats where we are going next and everything my neuro tells me about it sounds great!  Less side effects then most less blood tests...  Good luck!!

I think it varies by person and the type of seizures they have how they will react. My kids both take keppra and vimpat. We haven't seen the emotional issues that other people experience on keppra. My daughter has been on keppra for about 3-4 yrs. at a variety of doses. My son has been on it for 2 yrs. My son had trileptal and it didn't do anything.

It really is a guessing game!

My daughter is starting the change into the Trileptal.  I thought more was going on and she was getting a rash, but no problems no nothing with it.  No emotional problems or anything.  She has done well with it, but she's on a lower dose of the Trileptal than she was of the keppra.  Her last dose is sun and then she will be done with the keppra.  She wants to stay on the keppra and if she wouldn't of been so emotional after her last dose raise in Nov she would of stay on the keppra, but with all the problems after that I didn't want to deal with anything.  So we will stick right now with the trileptal and see how it goes...


My daughter is on keppra. We were going to switch to lamictal, but she got a rash on the 9th day. We were going up very slowly as stated here earlier. The reason for the switch was break through seizures and a high level in her blood of the keppra. So far we are still on that. She has an EEG on Monday. Sorry I can't be much help..I have heard from people that lamictal works for, that it is a good drug.

My son also had problems with keppra--it actually increased his seizures.  We have had good success with lamictal--he does have a short absence seizure (3-10) seconds every couple days but we are fine with that for now.  My first neuro wouldn't let him try trileptal because he said it could increase absence seizures, but it sounds like people posting here are using trileptal successfully for absence.  This is all so confusing--sometimes seems like every neuro tells us something different. My thoughts are with you & your son.

My daughter was on the highest dose possible of Trileptal and had no side effects.

The Lamictal takes FOREVER to see results- we tried that for a few weeks but by that point she was so bad we couldn't wait that long.

Of course every case is different- turns out her brain tumor was the culprit.

Benaiah was switched from phenobarb to Lamictal.  WE love it, he did break out into a rash but we backed way down and tirated slowly and he is doing great.  No seizures and he isn't as moody as he was.  I have no regrets putting him on it.


My daughter is also 3 she has complex partials and generalized TC. We started trilepital a little over a week ago. So far it has made her very moody. She alternates between crying and frustration she also has been taking at least a 2 hour nap every day.(not the norm for her) We just increased her dose to 2.5ml 2x a day last night . Her doctor assures me this will mellow out.

I thought I would ring in with my two cents.  :)  My son, Jonah, is 22 months old and was diagnosed with E at 15 months after two months of pure hell.  He had absence, partial complex and tonic clonic seizures.  Keppra scares the heebie jeebies out of me because of the nasty side effects.  Taking that into consideration, his neurology team put him on Trileptal.  He always took a small nap in the day but he started to sleep for 4-5 hours in the middle of the day plus sleep (albeit a bit broken because of nutritional issues caused by the seizures) 10-12 hours at night.  For a few months it was a wonder that the boy had the time to play!  However, it stopped his seizures and his doctors were hopeful that he would start to mellow out of this phase.  It has been 7 months on the med and he is just now cutting back on the sleeping.  He does have some mild aggression but it is hard to tell where it is coming from.  He is approaching 2, he has the language development of an 11 month old which makes it hard for him to express himself and E.....so take your pick where that comes from.  I have to say though.....I have loved the Trileptal.  Out of all the meds out there....this one was the least scary for me to try and we have had very few break through seizures on it.  

Good luck.  

Our son who is 6 now was on Trileptal for 3 years with no problems.   He started having breakthrough seizures last July and was at the max dosage, so we switched to Keppra and have been seizure free since then (we are very happy).


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