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Hello Parents,

Recently a young girl (age 19) in my city died from a tonic clonic seizure. She was in the shower and hit her head.  She had been diagnosed only a year before.  Her grandfather also died from a seizure many years ago.  Her family has been honoring her death through a social media campaign (#AJO)  Her last request of her mom was that they go have a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks the next day.  After her funeral, the parents went to our Starbucks and bought 40 pumpkin spice lattes and had the baristas mark them with a purple sharpie, and to share Alyssa's story.  It has blossomed into an amazing social media campaign to spread information about epilepsy and "pay it forward."  People all over the globe are doing a kind act in Alyssa's name.  The participants take a picture and mark it #AJO and post it on facebook, instagram, or twitter.  If you search any of these places you will be shocked and impressed by how many people are spreading kindness and helping to make people aware of how dangerous this disorder can be.

You can read more about Alyssa's story here http://www.yourerie.com/news/news-article/family-pays-it-forward-fo... 

I know how this strikes home for all of us who have children living with epilepsy, and I thought many of you would want to "pay it forward" as well.  We need to advocate for a cure and better treatment options, and perhaps send a small bit of comfort to a grieving family.

Thank you,


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