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Multiple Family Members With Epilepsy

This group is dedicated to more than one person in a family with epilepsy. This can be a father with epilepsy with a child/children that has epilepsy, mother with epilepsy with a child/children, or more than 1 child in a family...etc.

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E in my family

Started by Nancy Young. Last reply by Jessica Robinson Jun 24, 2013. 1 Reply

Hi I have 3 people in my family.I haev TLE, my oldest  has T/Cs and my youngest who is deceased from E (Severe JME).  None of it   was genitic. NancyContinue

Thanks For Responces

Started by Loyalgolfer72 Jun 2, 2012. 0 Replies

I haven't been able to read this for a few days and now I can again.  The ones I have read are all awesome.  I did just do a local story and it printed in the local paper.  A couple family members…Continue

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Comment by Deborah Chriestenson on September 23, 2015 at 8:09pm

Michael, I realize that epilepsy can be hereditary, but until I began having seizures, not 1 person in my entire family, has ever had seizures or diagnosed as having epilepsy.  When I researched family history, I went back as far as my great great grandmother.  I have also talked to other distant family members, even cousins I haven't seen in years & nobody can find a connection of epilepsy/seizures on either side of my family tree.

Comment by Michael Waller on March 18, 2014 at 4:43pm

Hello.  I just joined this group and have read some of the comments.  It is very frustrating to hear about physicians (especially those who specialize in epilepsy) denying the hereditary nature of epilepsy.  I was diagnosed with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy in my teens.  My maternal grandmother has had epilepsy all her life and took phenobarbital (she lived until the age of 96).  My oldest daughter, now 29 and my son, 27, have both had seizures.  My son's symptoms came on in his teens, which is common for this condition, but have not persisted and he is currently medication and seizure free.  My daughter, however, has the same diagnosis that I have, and now, I learn that my maternal first cousin's daughter (14) has been diagnosed with a very serious type of epilepsy.


No matter what a handful of physicians might be saying, there is no question that some types of epilepsy is hereditary. 

Comment by Deborah Chriestenson on May 10, 2013 at 10:39pm

I guess I should clarify a few things about my seizures.  Initially I was diagnosed with temporal lobe seizures at the age of 49 after I was exposed to toxic chemicals.  I had only a couple episodes & had subsequent EEG's, but never showed any further seizure activity (even after medication was stopped).  I was off of seizure meds from 2003 until I had a grand mal seizure during sleep.  I had a back injury & had taken a muscle relaxant that night.  I thought initially it was the stress of the day (my son's wedding).  Six months later, my back was still hurting & I had been diagnosed by this time as having a herniated disc.  My back was hurting really bad, so I decided to try a muscle relaxant to see if it would help.  That very night, I had another grand mal seizure.  I have no recollection of anything, other than waking up to see my husband standing over me with a worried look on his face.  I decided to see an epileptologist to see if maybe the muscle relaxants were causing the grand mal seizures.  There is no history of anyone in my family (up until now) having epilepsy.  I had more tests & no signs of seizure activity noted on any test.  My epileptologist has even told me they don't always know what causes seizures.  I only know that both times I had a grand mal, I took the muscle relaxant for my back.  I no longer take the med for fear of having another seizure.  My epileptologist has put me on an XR Levetiracetam just in case.  About 6 months after I had my 2nd grand mal, my son (who is almost 30) had 1 in his sleep.  He had never had any signs/symptoms either & all of his tests have come back normal.  Why can't they figure out why we are having these?  I would think that some type of abnormal electrical waves would show up on EEG's or something would show up on tests to give a cause.  We have had the usual MRI, EEG's, sleep studies & a few more that I can't remember.  I understand that epilepsy can be hereditary (even though my doctors disagree) but isn't it rare for it to start at our ages?

Comment by Deborah Chriestenson on November 7, 2012 at 1:53pm

I am looking for input that even my epileptologist can't figure out.  I began having grand mal seizures in 2011 (age 57) during sleep & now my adult son (28) has also started having the same type of seizures.  My epileptologist said seizures are not hereditary & all tests come back normal for both of us.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Comment by Loyalgolfer72 on April 23, 2012 at 11:07pm

It has been five months since my brain surgery.  I have not had a seizure since then so I am glad I did have the surgery.  I am not working yet and I am on disability.  I think I will start with a part time job and move into more hours as I am more confident.  I hope that works out.

Comment by Linda on February 20, 2012 at 8:05pm

I have epilepsy, so does my sister, and so does my daughter.  My mother had severe migraines; but has passed away due to cancer.

I have a son who had a seizure when he was a toddler; but supposedly none since then.

My seizures a most often and longer lasting.  My sister doesn't talk about hers much.   I'm most open about health concerns.


Comment by Bunny's Mommy on February 2, 2012 at 10:42pm

My father has epilepsy.  My 5yo daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy this past Monday.  It seems to have skipped a generation.  I don't really know if my daughter inherited epilepsy or not.  I'm still hopeful that my daughter will grow out of it, even though my father clearly hasn't.

Comment by Angela Smith on August 4, 2011 at 8:19am
Hello my name is Angela and I come from a family of 10 where 5 of us have epilepsy and 5 do not. I have epilepsy. I should say 9 now, my brother Mickey bless his heart died when he was 17 due to complications from epilepsy. I have 2 more sisters with epilepsy and another brother with epilepsy. It is tough growing up with siblings who don't have epilepsy even as adults they seem to act as if we were treated special and got more attention. I love my sisters and brothers. My grandmother had siezures but niether of my parents do so for our family it skipped a generation. All of us are grown up and are married and have children of our own. My children don't have epilepsy as of yet but could still develop it. My son is almost 18 while my daughter 16. They have had testing and it is my daughter they are more concerned with for her EEG shows some abnormality to it but she has never had a siezure to date. I am praying she does not either. One of my sisters 2 children have epilepsy and she herself has it. One son has not had a siezure since he was 12 so they think he out grew it while the other has a severe case of epilepsy. I feel for her. Sometimes I feel that as much as epilepsy is hard to live with it is also a blessing to me because it is part of the reason for who I am and I like who I am and without it I don't know who I would be?
Comment by Foster Mama on December 2, 2010 at 3:58pm
I have two children with epilepsy. Both of my children are adopted and not biologically related. My son ( 3 yrs) had his first seizures as a baby. My daughter (6 yrs) had her first seizure a month ago. Both have other mild special needs.
Comment by Jamie Johnson on November 30, 2010 at 8:26pm
this is a very future possibility...my brother was rushed to the ER a couple of years ago with symptoms that resembled a seizure but was not diagnosed as epilepsy or seizure disorder of any kind. My great grandmother had seizures and has skipped a generation ever since then...I have lots of cousins that have seizures

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