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Does anyone know any good tips for improving memory? Exercises? Vitamins? Supplements? Since they switched my meds from tegratol to lamictal my day to day memory has been getting worse and worse. I am not doing well in college as a result and at the moment I can't change meds. I want to do everything I can to improve it with what I have.

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I read in a magazine that if you are suffering from "brain fog", you should take 1,000 mcg of Vitamin B-12, especially if you are taking a lot of medication, especially if you are taking seizure medication.  I started taking it several years ago and I have noticed an improvement in my memory and thinking ability.

Regardless, taking a men's or women's daily multivitamin and reading for 30-60 minutes is a good idea. :) I recommend Bret Easton Ellis-American Psycho (if you've seen the movie with Christian Bale) a very comical/dark social commentary of the 80's. Warning-adults only! 

Hey I'm new to this site or any site for that matter. I am currently taking lamictal and I experience the same thing. I have been on it for a year now and recently within the last 48 hours I have also experienced 21 Auras/SPS and my doctors shrug their shoulders.  My primary added diazepam to my meds which helps a little but it seems the more they give me the worse my memory is. Does anyone else experience this also? Any tips?

Exercise your mind every day doing something that makes you think things out. Repeat what you are thinking on and off through the day. I am on Tegretol XR and Lamictal. I know what you are saying. College has been the best for me with my memory.

There is this book called "My Stroke of Insight" by a doctor Jill Bolte Taylor, who has a stroke in almost the same part of her brain that was cut out of mine. And after my surgery where I lost my all of my words, this was a good book to help me out, while I gained %80 or %90 of my words back.

I've had the same effects from Lamictal.  About 4 years on it now and it seems to just slowly get worse and worse.  I do a lot of mind games-scrabble, suduko, things like that.  DO NOT take time off of college would be my advise.  I graduated from my 4 yr degree during my first time on Lamictal, I do have some advise.  Write things down.  I am in the exact same boat and know what you mean.  I notice that if I have something to just jog my memory, I'm fine.  For example, if we are talking about stories from the past, things like that, it seems like I can't remember anything past yesterday.  But once someone brings something up-its like the book opened and I can remember. Todo notes, lists, anything like that.  My new best friend is my calendar.  I just write tiny notes about not only what I have to do, but a reminder of what I already did do.  Has been a wonderful tool.  I do understand how tests and essays can be extremely difficult-cheat sheets/notes are usually frowned upon. It seems terrible at first, but just find your little trick and you'll be fine.  It seems like my memory isn't totally gone, but like I said I just need that jolt or hint to remind me.


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