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Assisant Dogs

Started by Whitley Joachim. Last reply by Brooke Mar 8. 10 Replies

Hi!Recently, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, and it has manifested itself into panic attacks, which terrifies me because now I don't only have seizures but also panic attacks, and this feeling of lack of control.  The treatment is…Continue

Epileptologist said I'm not allergic to any meds because I just itch like crazy!!!!!

Started by Belinda sarah Brown. Last reply by Brooke Mar 4. 24 Replies

I have severe itching and my neurologist   says I'm allergic to Lamictal,Keppra,Gabitril,Depakote, and Vimpat.When this doc said this I looked it up on line and on the Mayo clinic  web site it says that itching is an allergic reaction.I guess this…Continue

Not sure it's a seizure

Started by Julie McRight. Last reply by Patricia Hodges Dec 31. 13 Replies

I am coming off of keppra and going on Lamictal. Since changing meds, I have been having some "episodes". They usually (but not always) happen in late afternoon. I get a little dizzy and get this warm feeling all over. Sometime break out in a sweat.…Continue

Epilepsy Symptoms

Started by Deborah Dingess. Last reply by Deborah Dingess Aug 5, 2014. 10 Replies

Hello. I've had two grand mal seizures and have an appointment scheduled for January 15th where I will find out results from my EEG and meet with a neurologist. I've had a CT scan and blood work, which came back normal. I've researched to tried to…Continue

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Comment by Monica Bernstein on March 4, 2015 at 11:30am


It's not like that for everyone. Keppra has been my wonder drug. It greatly decreased my seizures better than any drug I've tried and my other seizure meds give me a lot worse side effects. I've been on Keppra for 8 1/2 years. But, everyone is different.

Comment by Brooke on March 4, 2015 at 6:52am
Keppra my doctor called the "honeymooners" drug after six months it stopped working. And I had a massive seizure and couldn't take it anymore. I had serious weight gain and would have extreme dizziness and would be very irritable. It's the medication no doubt. Now that I work at a pharmacy. I see it all day. It definitely is a honeymooners drug if you're using it for epilepsy more most maybe not for all. I switched to topamax and lamitcal the brand and I've been golden ever since. Keppra was the worst thing I was ever on. I've seen a young kid around 6 years old have multpile seizure needing Ativan cause it wasn't working. The reason for the need of so much of constant increase is because after 6 months you become immune to the amount your taking for most.
Comment by Monica Bernstein on March 3, 2015 at 1:17pm

I'm on 3000 mg a day of Keppra. I believe I have the Kepprage, sometimes. Personally, I feel it's worth it b/c I have a lot less seizures on Keppra than any other AED I've tried. Plus, the rage doesn't happen that often with me.

Comment by Kevin McClure on March 3, 2015 at 1:07pm

It's called "Keppra Rage"   ... Very common . Google it. You'll find all kinds of info about it ....   Good luck ....

Comment by Julie McRight on March 3, 2015 at 12:13pm
We'll, I lost it yesterday! I'm not sure what happened but the stress took its toll on me. I think my husband was ready to put me in the hospital! About a month ago my doctor increased Keppra to 2500mg a day and lowered the lamictal to 200mg a day. I think the keppra had a lot to do with my action but I believe I have been on more that this before. So how do others react to Keppra?
Comment by Kari Lynne Brauer on January 24, 2015 at 9:58am

Happy New To You All!

Hope you all are doing well!

Comment by Tammi Zavardino on June 29, 2014 at 2:12am

Thanks all for your kind thoughts but I was pretty much alone when I met her and she became such a good friend that it is taking a much longer time to get over this and the seizure activity has been increased since so I went to the doctor and had my medication for depression increased and am doing better. I just feel so lost. But things will get better I know.

Comment by Monica Bernstein on June 23, 2014 at 10:15am


Sorry about your loss.

Comment by Tammi Zavardino on June 23, 2014 at 12:15am

Some people don't have aura's or any feelings to tell them a seizure is going to happen and that is what I go through and its frustrating but there is nothing I can do but live with it. I know afterwards that something happened but would rather know ahead of time so I could do something to stop it since I have the Vagus nerve stimulator but can't use the magnet if I don't know when a seizure is going to happen. I usually know if I am very upset or stressed that later on I will have a seizure at some point and was not suprized here lately that I have had a few since I have been so upset by losing a good friend. I am now a lone and its really hard for me but am trying to stay strong.

Comment by Kevin McClure on June 14, 2014 at 11:53am

  I would agree with you Kay. If she drops things, falls and blacks out. I would say she is having a seizure . Not an aura . Because that is what I do when I have a seizure.


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