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Hi Jonathan,

1 Stess is a huge factor for me I know you can't get rid completely. The weid thing is your body doesn't know the differance between good stess & bad stess.
2 Getting overly tired. Missing a dose of the medications is another
Darcy Andahl

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I am new to the group, so I hope this helps. Your comment on how the body doesn't know the difference between good and bad stress was helpful to me. I recently spent a week-end with my 3 adult kids shopping for wedding dresses, bridesmaids etc. all in a week-\end time. I was having a ball. Ate lunch later than usual and ended up having 3 seizures in that span of time,3days.Meds werre taken on time and all else was good but after the week-end I was ehausted and did'n'tr feel good, but had no seizures either. I think I have to go at a slower pace when things get busy, but am a very active individual! I take Keppra to keep my seizures under control and mostly it is successful. I just worry about having one at work. I work aryuond children!
I need suggestions on how to prevent seizures without additional nmeds. IOf there were exercises I could do or other things I already exercise each day and walk everywhere and my husband keeps me on a healthy diet ever since heart surgery 2 years ago!
For myself, I've noticed when it's a stress related to an emotional situation I have more troubles from seizures. Work related stresses don't seem to bother me.
heat is the factor for me, and also stress.
stress,heat & music are triggers for me.
Hey Darcy,
Missed doses, which doesn't happen often. no sleep, flashing lights, and stress. I wish something could be done about commercials with those flashing lights.
There are so many things that trigger seizures. Stress. Lack of sleep. Heat. Of course, not taking your meds. The list is endless. I found the main thing that caused my seizures was reading. Weird, huh? I didn't think that could cause it so I called my epitologist. He told me that reading can cause seizures.
That proves anything and everything can cause seizures.
The main thing that triggers my seizures in the hormone estrogen. I usually get the seizures around my menstrual cycle. These seizures are called catamenial seizures. I take progestrone pills a week before I start my period to help control the seizures. It doesn't always help,but it has made things better.
Flashing lights
Lack of sleep
Flashing lights-big time #1 trigger, lack of sleep. heat, vibrations, spinning, watching things spin, excitement and pain


Flashing Lights

Movie Theaters



Otherwise I am not really certain


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