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I think all EF members deserve to have a CHATROOM.... If You think so please Pass this on to All of your Other Friends here ON EF...  Just think it is totally Unfair to others here that they have to wait hours/days  for a simple response....     BRIAN

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     Hey Brian,


         I agree totally this site had a chatroom. I'm slow typing & enjoyed chatting with people who understands the Life/Epilepsy combination. It's soo depressing for me to make what you think is a friend til seizures are mentioned or seen.  Scott    mrsce1965@yahoo.com  



 Thanks  Scott..  I can`t talk for anyone   but I would figure the Majority    here at EF   would agree  as well in this catergory...   I mean  it`s really not requesting much... Well Hope ya have a good one,  Brian


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