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Family Rejection

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Epilepsy as an excuse

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Comment by Pam Sullens on Sunday

What a great story!

Comment by Josh Ledbetter on Sunday
Vicki, I know what you are going through. My mother had surgery in 1998 and since then she has been seizure free. Her seizures were called cycle motor seizures. When a seizure came around she would grab the top of her shirt, start screaming, and take off running. Me and my parents have been in a store a few times and we could tell when she was going to have a seizure, so my dad would grab her and put his hand over her mouth. The store would call the police, but when my mom would come around she conformed what happened and everything was ok. I'm sorry men are afraid to be with you. My parents have been married for 40 years and the funny thing about their background is that the first day they met they were on the front porch at my Mom's aunt and uncle' s house and my mom had a seizure and she spit in my dad's face then took off running and screaming. My dad didn't know what he done wrong, but that was the first time he saw a seizure. I wish you all the best.
Comment by Pam Sullens on July 20, 2014 at 3:10am

Vicki, Hey girl! So-sorry to hear about your "guy troubles." It's hard, readlly hard sometimes just dealing with the whole package of having seizures. As far as screaming and taking clothes off-well girl-don't feel bad-I had seizures where I'd take clothes off-that was when I was in junior high-have never forgotten it-so-I didn't date much during hs. ( :

There is a good guy out there for you-I'm not saying your guy is not-- I also had many relationships in my 2o's and 30's. I even got engaged to someone whom I thought was 'the one:- He did not understand-and yes was involved in a drama ministry. So-yep-I've been there girl-it does not make the yukkiness go away-I met my husband Joe-after crying out to the Lord-and He sent us togehter-We've been married 15 years this August./ He';s been my biggest supporterI thought he was the biggest nerd and would not go out with him- and here we are-Take heart-cry out-and God will hear you creis-it sounds as if your guy may regret his choices-  I am praying this God bless you with a true warrior for the Lord!  God's is telling me now-that God does have someone there for just youl! Take heart girl-God does here you and He will in His own time-make everything work out for His glory- You gotta be true to yourself girl-and just don't be ashamed of the fact that you are in fact God's child first and formost-you are made in His image-and you are loved in His perfect love-Embrace your Jehovah God tonight-and I know that He will give you the peace you need. I am praying light-liberty-and peace over your entire situation.

If you need someone to just bounce off of-girl-I would be more than happy to be here for you.

Carlton. I've been arrested as well-not fun-I also was a screamer-can't  tell you how many guys I scared off due to this-God has given me a pretty good sense of humor regarding my seizures. (;

So-take heart-eveyone-God is on His throne-and He loves us all-warts and all!

Blessings, Pam

Comment by Carlton Zeigler on July 20, 2014 at 12:21am


Removing one's clothing during a seizure is highly unusual, but not unheard of at all.  I am acquainted with a woman who does just that behavior.  I had never even heard of screaming during a seizure until about three weeks ago.  I was attending a social function sponsored by my local chapter of the epilepsy foundation.  Most of the people at the event have epilepsy.  Suddenly this 16 year old girl started screaming at the top of her lungs.  Every one of us realized immediately that this must be some type of seizure.  The girl suddenly stopped screaming and slipped into a grand mal seizure.

I have actually been arrested twice as a result of having a seizure in public.

Your beaus fear is leading him down a path he may later regret having taken.  

We seldom profit from giving in to our fears.

Be seizure free

Comment by Vicki Schofield on July 20, 2014 at 12:05am
Thank you Alan and Carlton. I am just so broken. I'm divorced, and this is the only other boyfriend I've ever had. He said I've almost gotten him into trouble too many times. Had a seizure at his church (he works at) and went running around without a shirt on. He was driving once and I had a seizure and kept trying to get out of the car. Had a seizure in a movie and screaming my lungs out that I need help. He's afraid that someone will arrest him for my screaming/ arguing. But also he's afraid that he can't keep me safe. I hate putting the stress on him, but he means so much to me.
Comment by Carlton Zeigler on July 19, 2014 at 7:21pm


I know how difficult relationships can be when one has epilepsy.  Knowledge of my epilepsy has always been the cut off point of my relationships.  Perhaps God is simply saving some children from a father I would be.

Be seizure free, and many blessings all.

Comment by Alan William Gear on July 19, 2014 at 6:09pm

     Hi Vicki, I am sorry to hear about your day. It is hard for people with seizures to except what we have to go through so you can only imagine what other individuals go through just to try and comprehend us. If we can't fully understand ourselves so that we can explain to those in our lives what we are going through, not only does that frustrate us but it also affects them and their life as well.

     If your boyfriend is no longer able to deal with your characteristics or side effects of your epilepsy I am not sure what to say other than God has a plan for you. You might believe that this man is right for you, but God knows best.  Now is the time you need to trust him the most.

     In times like this we not only need to trust God, but we need to let him have full control of the situation at hand. That is the one true way that we will find peace that our Father wants to give to us.  Remember he is in control and wants what is best for us.  Talk to him in prayer and let him know how you feel, ask him to give you the peace that only he can give you.

     I know that it is not easy in times like this because we don't have control over the situation and we want to know the outcome.  I also have lost people in my life because they were unable to deal with what I as an epileptic could or could not offer to them.  It is heartbreaking but you need to remember that God has a bigger plan for you as he does all of us.  A plan that you and I can't even comprehend.

     So keep your head up and keep God the center of your life and he will not only make things right in your life but give you the peace that you deserve. My prayers are with you as you go through this difficult time.

God Bless you today and always!!


Comment by Vicki Schofield on July 19, 2014 at 2:56pm
Well, what an aweful day. My boyfriend says it's just getting tougher and tougher dealing with my seizures. We've been dating almost 2 years. I know he loves me, but I put SO much stress on him. He says he stuck because he does care about me, but doesn't know how much more he can handle. I think he's gonna break up with me. I love him so much, but hate putting the stress on him.
Comment by Pam Sullens on July 10, 2014 at 4:35pm

Alan is right. - If we all cast our cares upon the Lord-minute by minute every hour of every day-If we do this-than it still won't be easy-but the load we have becomes easier to bear. Keep pushing on. It's not easy-but God never promised any of His children that by choosing Him it was going to be easy-Obedience is a HARD lesson to learn -and God's so gracious that He will permit the same issues to come up in our lives until we can grow more in the understanding of God's nature.

Take care,


Comment by Alan William Gear on July 10, 2014 at 12:58pm

     Josh, God has a plan for you and has blessed you with a story that you need to share with others. Just as he has blessed me and everyone else with a story to share, so that we can help others get through similar issues. Once we believe in Christ as our savior, it is easy to look back at our life and see things differently.  When we thought we were alone we can now see how God was with us and his plan was unfolding right before us.  It is the everyday stress that Satan uses on everyone to control them into rushing through life and not taking time for what is important. By staying stressed it hurts our health while others seem to be to stressed or busy to enjoy what life brings them along the way. 

God Bless!!


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