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I am looking for EMTs Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics etc.. to please  let me know what you think of USB medical bracelets. 

Personally I am skeptical due to the fact information should be shown right away without plugging it in.  Especially if you are sensitive to medications, allergies etc..

Your opinions would truly mean a lot

Jon S.




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I am not an EMT or paramedic. However, I wear a USB bracelet. I find it extremely helpful. First of all it carries all of your medical information, contact information, and any possible bit of info that may be needed. Over the last 3 years I have had about twelve encounters with paramedics, most of which leading to trips to the ER. It is important to continue to wear a regular medical bracelet. Ambulances are not equipped with the technology to utilize the USB in my experiences. However, when I get to hospital I give the bracelet to the receiving nurse. This way it resolve any confusion and complication that may arise due to my difficulty in answering their questions. When asked what medications I take, I have  a tendency to recite medications I have not taken in over twenty years. So the information on the paramedics report upon entering the hospital is usually wrong. My wife straightens out any problems when she arrives. That is hours later given the location of her work to the hospital. Having the USB eliminates the potential for these issues. Also, it provides the ER doctors the information to contact my neurologist directly and provide better care for me. By the time I am discharged from the hospital a doctors appointment is usually already scheduled at my neurologists office.


I purchased mine at Walgreens for $20. It is a flat cost. There are no annual fees. You can update your information as often as you need to. You can even create multiple files. This way you can create your entire family medical history on the bracelet. My bracelet is from www.MedicalHistoryBracelet.com . I even contacted them because my band broke and they sent me a new band for free. I am very impressed with the company. I hope this helps.



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