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Two years ago while on an ambulance run, I was physically assaulted by one of the patients I was transporting and as a result I was left with a traumatic brain injury. Two weeks after the assault I began having seizures. The seizures have progressively gotten worse and my Neurologist has now been talking about surgery. I have started to have prolonged seizures sporadically. In the last week, I have started to have some other problems that now the Doctor is sending me to a specialist but he can not see me for three weeks. I have been having a problem with tremors after the seizure is done and it can last several minutes or longer. My arms will start to shake in tremors and then stop and start and keep doing it. I also have had two episode in the last week that I was talking to someone and my words started to slur and I knew when it started but then thought I was still able to speak properly but my family said it became incoherent all the while my bodily movements became unable to maneuver. I knew everything that my body was doing, except for the speech, and I was aware of my surroundings and what was being said to me. Does anyone else have this kind of problem with tremors and speech problems? Is this another seizure? I live in a very rural area so I am hoping that maybe someone here can help me understand what is going on since the Doctors here are at a loss and are trying to find Specialist in Larger Cities that I can go to.

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TsIT's hard to say without seeing the seizures. It could be the shaking after is a postictal thing, and the other ones when your speech goes funny could b a type of seizure. Or, one or both of the above could b a type of non epileptic seizure possibly caused by the psychological trauma u have experienced. I'd recommend seeing a good neurologist and seeing if u can get telemetry done as that may give some clues. Hope this helps. Km

My husband, Troy, does experience "twitching" following a seizure. His seizures start out as Complex Partials that spread through the primary motor cortex. He maintains the ability to hear, but not speak... His memories are vague following the seizure, but he does twitch for several minutes following the seizure. I was so alarmed by it, that I video taped it to show to the epileptologist at his initial appointment, so it had nothing to do with meds for him.

I pray that you are able to find answers and relief soon!

- Lynn

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