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Thought I'd save you the frustration and embarrassment I went through and give you a heads up so you would be aware of this if you take Topamax.

I recently ordered refills for 7 of my son's medications.
2 of those were for Topamax--one 25mg and one for 100mg.

When the Topamax was delivered (mail order), the topamax 25mg were exactly like our old ones. pills looked the same. labeled Topamax on bottle and Mfr: MC

The 100mg tablets however did not look the same as our old ones. They were the same color as our old ones, but no longer said Topamax on the tablet--they said OMN. the back side still said 100. The bottle was labeled Topamax, but it said Mfr:Janssen.

Well I thought the pharmacy made an error and had filled our 100mg bottle with a generic version of Topamax--and was very frustrated and let them know it :O (I often have problems with our refills through mail order anyhow...even though I take several proactive steps to make sure they all get filled correctly and in a timely manner).

The first time I called to complain I explained that the 25mg Topamax we rec'vd was fine but the 100mg was different and I believe they filled it with a generic. I went over the labeling with them etc. They apologized said they didn't know how that happened and that they would express mail us out a new refill.

catch this...watch what you say:
I told the pharmacist supervisor on the phone it was a good thing I was an informed consumer and caught this because it could potentially be a large error if a patient with epilepsy switches suddenly from brand to generic.

When the express mail package came, I opened it and low and behold it was the same stuff we got the first time. pills with OMN and Mfr: Janssen. I called the pharmacy AGAIN. They again apologized, we don't know how this is happening etc etc. They told me they would walk it down to the floor and watch it get filled.

Shortly after, I get a call back from this non-pharmacist supervisor who tells me to describe the pills. THIS is about the 4th time I've explained to someone what they look like and what the Mfr. says on the bottle! Anyway...after all these communications...she says, "that IS THE BRAND" version. Okay, I'm completely confused at this point. I tell her (I know this sounds arrogant but....) "I'll look into this and get back to you." :D

I start googling..... awwww crap! "informed consumer"...LOL! I am laughing at myself. I have to eat crow for all my complaining because it IS BRAND name Topamax! They have changed the appearance of BRAND name Topamax--though pharmacies are still to use their existing inventory until it is depleted. (THUS, 25 mg tabs I got were old existing inventory and 100mg were the new ones!).

I called back and apologized.
I also pointed out that this could have been avoided if they'd listened me the first time I called and explained the situation.... or even sooner...it could have been avoided all together if they inserted a short informative note with the delivery of the Topamax stating that the appearance and product labeling on the Topamax had changed. SHEESH!

The letter to "Healthcare Professional" I found online from Ortho-McNeil Neurologics even gives PATIENT COUNSELING points and states that they should do that.


If you click on that link it opens to the letter which includes a chart with photos of old and new appearance and labeling changes.


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