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ok so this is how it goes
you write the name of the last song you lisend to before you type in my pants
you don't have to put the bands name after it just the songs name
i did not come up with this i saw it on this one website
i'll start
hot mess in my pants

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Temple of Your Dreams in my pants.  hahahahahaha!

Stellar in my pants.


Peaceful, Easy Feeling  in my pants.


Everytime I see this thread, I think 'Craig Ferguson'. anybody else?

It's a mystery in my pants.

Johnny B. Goode in my pants. (Marty McFly) ;)

Sunrise in my pants.  Nice and warm, no rain.

And I love you so in my pants

Latin Lullaby in my pants

Happiness loves company  in my pants.  :)

BUS 374 said:

Enterprising young men in my pants.LOL
Did I get it right?

Raymond MaGee said:

Happiness loves company  in my pants.  :)LOL :)

Raymond MaGee said:

Sunrise in my pants.  Nice and warm, no rain.LOL

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