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I am looking to get a tattoo for my 16th birthday, and the only reason i want a tattoo is to do a Epilepsy ribbon in Pride .

But im still thinking over the details, im curious to see if anyone else has tattoos about epilepsy?? if so what do they look like??

Im also thinking of putting the words HOPE,STRENGTH,COURAGE around the purple ribbon .

hmm.. so just looking for feedback about any other epilepsy tattoos ?

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I have several tattoos, but none about epilepsy. I had my tats before I was diagnosed. While I think your idea on your tat is a good idea, and sounds like it will make a cool tattoo, I also think 16 is very young to do something so permanent to your body. I got my first tat on my 18th birthday, and I wish I would have waited another year or two. Please don't take any of this the wrong way, as these are just my opinions, and again, I do think the tat you are describing sounds really cool. Wishing you the best of luck with your decision....
I am not a big tattoo fan.  My son wanted to get one and he knew I would not let him.  On his 18th birthday he went out and got one on his own.  It was a big one!  It was put on his back.  I was amazed when I saw it.  I have no problem with it because he can wear something as small as a tank top and not see it.  What my son put on his back made me melt in tears.  It was a sensitive thing the first time I saw it and now am proud of it:)  I lost my husband when he and I were 25 years old and I was 8 months pregnant with my son.(the one who got this tattoo)  His tattoo is a beautiful saying about my late-husband with a picture of him.  How could I not like it????   It is a good connection for my son who was not born until six weeks after his father's death.  As you mentioned, yours is not just a picture, but of something to symbolize something special in your own life.  I say, go for it!  Laura     ( I am now remarried to a man that has been a great dad for my son and still loves the tattoo of his real father:)
The Epilepsy Resource Center thanks everyone for sharing with the community and we look forward to hearing from you again.

Mary Ann Thornton
The Epilepsy Resource Center
The Epilepsy Foundation

Please check out these Foundation programs:
Take Charge: http://www.takechargeteens.org/
Go EYC: http://www.goeyc.org/
School Nurse Online Training: http://www.nasn.org/Default.aspx?tabid=120
Epilepsy and Seizure Response Training for Law Enforcement: http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/firstresponders/index.cfm

This is my daughter's tattoo to show support for me.    It was a surprise and I cried when I saw it.


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