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My DD is 3 and in the last month has started complaining of severe stomach pain and it has like contractions while shes saying this last about 2-5 mins. does anyone ahve any experience with this and know if its seizure activity or just another problem to add to the list?

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I don't know if it's similar and I never did find out exactly what caused it but from end January until mid may this year Ana would complain of a sore stomach and vomit on a daily basis. She also had what I thought might be a migraine headache 5-6 times a week. She was on a very high dose of tegretol at the time. When we finally convinced someone to change her meeds she started on valproic acid and came down on the tegretol. Now she only complains of headaches and vomits with her seizures.
Ok thanks ill have to ask her neurologist.  Jayla also complains of headaches from time to time.  When she complains something hurts it would be excrutiating to us because she doesnt feel pan unless it s tremendous amout.  so i know the headaches and stomach aches must be bad.  I always thought these kind of seizures only happened in teens, so i never thought anything of it before but since we switched meds its but almost everyday, guess ll call the nuero thanks for your response.

Hi Emily,


could it be because of the depakote she is taking?am i right that she is on deapakote?My dd when on depakene one day she cried from 1 to 10 pm and we later found in the ER her lipase levels were up and she was on the beginning stages of acute pancreatitis and we had to pull off depakene immediately.She sometimes has this noise in her stomach when she is having a seizure .


Hope this helps .Hope Jayla feels better soon

Hang on there and take care



It could be seizures and it could be meds. My son gets a stomach pain with one of his seizures, but I know meds  can sometimes cause some of the same stuff.
she was on ddepakote until about 3 months ago we switched to zonegram because her liver count was getting way too bad.

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