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Shortage of Lamtrogine? Where can I find the Teva manufature?

Does anyone know anything about a shortage of Lamtrogine? In August, my son's doctor told us that it would be hard to find the 25mg pill.

My son was seizure free for almost 2 years and interestingly enough when we couldn't get his med from the same manufacture (Teva), he started having seizures again. I can't seem to locate this med from this manufacture. So I have two questions...how can I find this medication from Teva? And does anyone know anything bout a shortage of Lamtrogine 25mg? Thanks.   

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Did you have the therapeutic drug levels checked after switching to see if they were very different (and could be addressed by adjusting dosage) or was it just some other formulation difference?

I don't see Lamotrigine in this drug shortage list:

Not yet Amy. We have increased his meds quite a bit the past few months but I think part of it is that he's growing so much right now He's almost 13. Maybe the manufacture switch was it as well as the growth.

Jim, thank you for the list. That was what exactly what I was looking for.

Don't you know as soon as I posted this, I called a pharmacy for the tenth time to see if they can order it and miraculously they could order it and had it in stock?!. I was calling them almost daily because I was getting conflicting answers. My regular pharmacy said they don't have a contract with the manufacture any more. Anyhow, I took the little white diamond-shaped pills and just looked at them like they were gold. LOL. Thanks for responding!

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