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Do any of you have trouble with Sexual Desire.  You can buy things to make the "experience" better, LOL.  But, I don't have the desire to start with.  I know I can't be the only one.  Are there any meds that make it worse than others? 


Please, anyone, I need help!  My Hubby is not so happy.

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Desire? What's that?

I keep telling my neighbor, who is menopausal, just buy me some double C or triple A batteries and some, um, 'things,' and everything will be fine! HA. I've been married 18 yrs. and he's either in the garage or down at the dock fixing something on the houseboat.

Sooo....I've lost all interest since I started taking 16 meds a day, had a hysterectomy, then my ovaries were yanked out two years ago.

So I just think my big doofus of a husband should spend his time on our little houseboat and try not to fall into the lake. However, if he goes to Lowe's, batteries are in the aisle next to light bulbs.;)
I have not had that problem with my epilepsy medications but I had an issue when I was on an antidepressant. What meds are you on?
I lost all sexual desire when I started taking oxazepam 3 years ago. I am already on Keppra and trileptal. On those meds I was still having t/c's but had no probs in the sex department. Since starting the oxazepam I only have aura's but have lost all desire along with the ability to have an orgasm grrr! I would really like to have one of those again, it never used to be a problem and has nothing to do with my husband. I used to have plenty before the change in meds. My hubby would rather I was happier in myself. Since the t/c's have stopped I've started to go out more and have even managed to get a job. My self confidence has improved. I spoke to my neuro about the lack of desire and he said I could think about reducing my dosage. I only take 20mg. However I'm too scared to do that incase I have a full blown seizure. My life has improved dramatically and I don't want to take the risk incase I shrink back to nothingness again. So I'll live with the lack of desire and so will my hubby. He's not very demanding in that department at the mo especially as he's having problems of his own. It could be his prostate. It still hasn't been diagnosed what his problems are and they began 8 months ago. On the odd occassion I will make myself ready for sex. Shaved legs etc and take my hubby upstairs. Once we get going I'm fine. It's just the thought of getting there. I hope you discover what is the cause of your problem. Us woman also tend to have sex more with our brain if that makes sense. Why not pamper yourself and decide tonight's the night and go for it. I hope you have better luck in the orgasm department than me.
I'm not turned on by my husband of 32+ years.
My latest obcession~ Well, he's 6'5", has Blond hair,blue/green eyes,is Single,34, and an actor.
He's Actor Stellen Skarsgard's first born son with his former wife My.
He plays a 1100 year old Vampire on HBO's TrueBlood series that debuted in 2008 and has just finished Season 3.
His name: Alexander Johan Haljmar Skarsgard.
Check him out~ if you're like me and older than 35 then you will appreciate this MAN~ he's "Sex on a Stick"
Sexy body, long legs, V shaped chest, with wonderful shoulders~ and eyes that tell stories and hold secrets and
you can get LOST in them!!!

Also~ I'm still hopelessly in love with someone who stole my hert when I was 15.
He did something that no man has ever done to me~ and that was cry in my arms!
No body has ever paid me such a compilment.

I love my hubby~ we take care of each other~ but Alex is taking care of my sexual fantasies.
And the other gentleman~ well,he's special to me~ he's clinically depressed. and I'm his light
in a dark tunnel if he ever needs me. I will always be there for him ~ no matter what, no strings attached.
I love him unconditionally~ Forever.

Not really sure but my two medicines as I have read about   Keppra and Trileptal, and my former meds  Tegretol,  Dilantin, Depakene, Mysoline, Phenobarbitol and others, have just made me feel as if a naked woman is a beautiful vision, but when I'm with or near naked women I don't get aroused at all.  Some women think Im' crazy.  I told them other guys not on medicines may go crazy around you in the nude but remember I'm not only on AED meds but antidepressants, blood pressure meds too.  The medication seems to just keep me so calm.  Arousal is anxiety so any medicine made to keep me calm and free of seizures will keep me calm and prevent arousal.  A lot of men complain about lack of sexual drive, decreased libido and other issues. Only a few medications don't have that side effect, but the medicine you need thats good for your seizures may not be the one without that side effect. I've learned to put up with it and be sexless most of my life. 

Its even hard for me to find a girlfriend because unless I have a high sex drive I can't be anything more than just a friend or companion or someone to talk to.  Lack of sex causes me to lose out on every attempted relationship

Low sex drive in us lot with e can b caused by a few things- meds- for e, antidepressants can ESP cause lack of orgasm (the ssri group), and if the focus of the damage is the amygdala, associated with temporal lobe seizures. Being depressed/ having low mood too. If there was an obvious change at the time you changed your meds I guess this may b the obvious cause, but did anything else change around that time for you? Lack of sexual desire is known but not well studied in e. Some people with damage to the amygdala can go the other way too & get hypersexual. Hope u can work something out so that your e is well enough controlled and u can enjoy your body too!


it's Gigi again, reading the threads here and thought this might interest someone.



Gigi Jones

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