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Hello all! I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy (2 months ago).  I am 32 and have absence seizures, but I only get seizures while I am eating. I have never (knock on wood) had one when I am not eating. Anyone else out there like me?? My neurologist said she had never heard of having seizures only while eating and didn't believe me until my EEG results came back. 

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Hi Michelle,

    Just like you I've had absence sz. for 41 yrs. now along with complex partial sz. I find your case very interesting.  If I may ask have you ever noticed if the food you eat is very hot or very cold when it triggers a sz.?  I remember before I had brain surgery hot water would trigger sz. for me when I was taking a shower and I'm wondering if this isn't the problem either your food is very hot or to cold for you and if it's hot it will fire up the neurons in your brain and trigger sz.  The next time before you eat put a cold washcloth on your face, the back of your neck and in your hands and see if the sz. stop this is known as cold water therapy that helps stop sz.  I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You!



I've actually never thought about if the food was hot/cold. I keep a diary of what I am eating when I have my seizures so I will have to look back at it and see if it was hot and/or cold foods. I will try with the cold wash cloth... the only difficulty to that is that my seizures are so sporadic. 

  Hi Michelle,

    If any of the foods or beverages you are eating are high in starch and carbs this could be the problem also not to mention if you use any diet foods or beverages like nutra sweet (aspartame) it has been proven that nutra sweet and other foods high in carbs and starch can trigger sz. for some people.  I found that out after drinking diet soda and the sz. started right up.  I wish you only the best and May God Bless You!



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