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I moved to the desert in 1989 from Ca. while in Ca. my E was of the Petti varitey

and when I moved to the desert I was greeted with grand mall and they are getting worse

with stress that part I understand but it seems it`s 95 plus outside most of the time when they occure could this be a coincidence or problem? is the combo of stress and heat

creating the seizres?

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heat never affected my grand mals, but if i didn t drink lotsa water i started havin partals especially in the summer, i spent a couple summers in alaska, wich was tough, 20 hrs of sunshine and 28C in the middle of the nite, drink lots of water

Considering the fact a lot of my seizures happened during the summer umpiring baseball with the gear on and referreeing basketball in a hot gym, I'd say heat and stress are definitely factors.



Dehydration lowers the seizure threshold- are you sure you're staying well hydrated?! Try to do it without sugars! 

Thank you all for your input! this has been a stressful time after being under control for so long.

 I do drink plenty of water mostly but sometimes coconut milk or horchata if I can afford it but water mostly. I am going to give up my ice cream and see and with luck I will be on my way.

Thank you so much.

God Bless


Yes indeed since I was 2 and now 43 I have had to keep my house between 65 to75 and I can't be in too much sunlight due to interaction with some meds talk it over with your doc and desert air I heard is dry and you came from ahumid costal area that could play a part I know heat or extreme cold which brings on chills and shaking bring on the seizures in me

Too much heat can make your blood sugar drop and this can make you have seizures. I cannot ride a bicycle for this reason. I get hot riding a bike, my blood sugar level drops and I have a seizure. You might try eating a candy bar in the afternoon to keep your blood sugar level up or stay in an air conditioned room.   

Makes sense to me that there's a link. There are probably a whole lot of environmental circumstances that contribute to seizure onset....why don't you try posting your question to this really cool question&answer site I found recently. It's called HealthTap (www.healthtap.com) and when you ask a health-related question to real doctors, they'll respond in minutes. Pretty cool huh?

Could be.  I live in Southern California, in Temecula Valley.  During the summer, it can rise to over 100 degrees though and it has never actually changed the amount of activity or duration when I was having uncontrolled seizures.  I was on a business trip to Connecticutt one time and that didn't seem to bother me either.  Since I couldn't drive, I had a 2 mile walk from my hotel to the small town of Mystic since my associates were off doing other things before our conference sarted.  I was in Salt Lake City back in January.  There is a dryer climate in Utah than California of course, but the cold didn't bother me, even when it dropped down to 12 degrees.  Who knows, this could just be me and how I react to weather.






I thank everbody big time for your input it sure has opened my eyes! and thank`s for the healthtap site

some good info. I also found one if anyone is interested called the duke and the doctor 1250 a/m

from 6:00 to 8:00 a/m and if your lucky they do take calls just getting through is tuff!! they have a web site at dukeandthedoctor.com and cover everything

God Bless


I just recently heard of a type of seizure called "jacksonion" and I have never heard of one by this name.

If their is anyone that has heard of this and can explain it too me I would be most appreciative.

God Bless



It seems to me in my situation that when the first real heat wave happens here I have problems, but then the next time it's not so bad.  Not sure why, but everyone is different.  Like others have said, keeping hydrated can really be a big help.

        Rich, Jacksonian are now called focal seizures. This happens within the motor cortex of the brain & causes different things like Autonomic movement of the eyes , lips, facial muscels or other parts of the body. (even drooling). some people describe them as pin pricks spreading over the body. They are usually rather short and do not cause a loss of consciousness like complex partial. When they start the area effected will feel the pricks like an army of ants crawling down that part of the body. Face, hand, leg or wherever.

Richard A. Smith said:

I just recently heard of a type of seizure called "jacksonion" and I have never heard of one by this name.

If their is anyone that has heard of this and can explain it too me I would be most appreciative.

God Bless



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