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Secret Facebook group for teens & young adult to connect.

Is anyone aware of any secret Facebook group(s) for teens or young adults where people can connect about common issues out of the public view??

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Obviously about epilepsy.....

You can make a private group  and the rest of the world cannot see the friend list except you (or son) if moderator??  

I'm wondering if there is one already, or do we start one???

You guys could start one..mine is too young to be on FB...but why not? It can be called whatever to attract people and have a hidden friend list. It may attract more than you think and your son will be busy on it..There are all kinds of support groups out there..

I also thought about this earlier today..I think there is a teen section here on facebook..so perhaps they can connect that way and then friend on FB and chat...

I have a group! but most of us there are from Israel, it not suppose to be a problem because we know English :)

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