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In the UK you are banned from driving for one year after a black out or seizure. I have always known way in advance before a seizure and am perfectly safe to drive, Ive ridden superbikes for over 25 years never ever in my life have i just blacked out.

I am self employed and drive everyday to deliver sound equipment I hire out, recently my seizures have become more frequent and are no longer grand mal but something very different, so Ive had to seek medical help. The condensed version is that my licence will not be renewed and my business will shut down, not sure where i go from here lol 

Does anyone else know in advance that a seizure is coming? I mean for enough time to pull over safely and lay down.

Is the DVLA not acting unfairly treating all people suffering with epilepsy the same?

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GoodEvening Jason,

Is it really a quarter to 4 in the morning in Uk, not sure, here in NYC is 10:48pm.. actually getting back to the point about knowing in advance the impending warnings of seizure's we have two phases one is tonic second is clonic often preceded by an aura we all know what this is of course..... Aura de'j'a' vu possibly inappropriate intense feelings altered vision and hearing.........end of aura.  I just believe that the DVLA are being very responsible to whom a car/bike is being registered to a persons handicap or any other ailment for that matter for our safety and precautions.  Well Jason I do hope that whenever you do feel that you might have one G-d forbid that don't just pull over, make sure you have a medic alert bracelet some kind of medical contact to know of your status and any other given emergencies contacts of friends/family too.  Is a life Saver.

 May you and your loved ones be blessed always with G-d.

Stay Safe and Seizure Free 4ever Always

Eugina Giovanna Herrera

Living with Epilepsy here in the United States, after every seizure/episode you have legally cannot drive for six months so I understand the frustrations. But unlike alot of people with Epilepsy I don't have any warning or aura before my seizures at all so the idea of driving terrifies the hell out of me since I have absolutely no idea when that tonic clonic seizure is going to happen. It is so frustrating in the way of transportation, living a normal life, and having a job which is my major stressor when it comes to not being able to drive for who knows how long. 

Anyways just wanted to say I understand your frustration with the driving laws involving seizures. But I hope you find a way to still have your business, I know how stressful that has to be. Hope your seizures stay under control and stay safe!


Thanks for the replies I've been in hospital not ignoring you guys :) I often fight my seizures and can prevent them at times but I have such a busy life style I have no choice it's either give up or press forward, I have recently got ID tags with medical info but if I do end up on the floor people tend to think I'm drunk or on drugs so pass me by, I run two businesses host a weekly live radio show and manage a recording artist so I'm always using my mind and meds just tend to shut me down, so I can't work. There is no alternative for me one of my businesses has to succeed to the point of me being able to work from home 90% of the time
I have no clue when I'm going to have a seizure. My children's father does. He stays with me and our kids cuz I have been having seizures almost daily since my. Where I am from, u have to go 6 months seizure free before u can drive. If its not necessary to go or tell ur neuro, u can still drive. They don't take away ur license.

I'm a bit late responding here but wanted to toss in my 2 cents. I drove a semi before a Brain tumor caused me to have a seizure while driving the semi. I spent 2 and a half years fighting to get back to driving a semi since it was my career. 6 months after getting the okay to go back to driving a semi, I had a seizure literally a minute away from getting onto the Interstate to drive home in my own pickup truck. I've been seizure free for over a year now, but I still do not drive because I know that waking up in a hospital bed and finding out I killed someone's child because of my choice to drive would kill me inside. So really think about all the things that could happen when driving if you have a seizure. 

Brad Mass it is very difficult at time the world don't always under stand that if u don't drive you don't  work you don't have a place to live and you cant always eat rite and we all no wow important that is?

I had a seizure an my work called 911 so my Dr said I don't want you driving so now there a rock an a hard place 3 figure a year people don't get it when you do every thing u can to survive 

Our culture is ignorant and scared.  Part of the problem is that people make judgements from a stereotype and a logical shared assuption that bears more authroity.  I have witnessed situations where our trusted police officers and state officials lie in the interests of the common good to get and keep a license suspended.  Officers may make up stereotypical claims of seizure just to get a license suspended and the state review will hide behind the authority of the police statement.  The state review board blindly agrees and authoirty records are developed that can stand stronger and bear more consequence if an indivdiual chooses to drive.  While this is a civil rights violation, it must be proven as a civil rights violation and our culture stands strong against it relative to other values outside of our laws. 

Well one major problem is.  In TV shows they show seizure as if someone hurt really bad or drug OD and they going to die.  Which is Stereotype.  Problem with Police officers they tend to see drug OD and normal seizures VS the Aura type seizure.   Because the victim knows they are about to have a seizure.  They take precautions before the seizure happens.  Like warning someone or Like Jason.  Who drives off the road to safe area.  Let the seizure happen.  Make sure they are o.k. then continue on what they are doing.

I have seizures grand-mal 47 years since I was 3 mos old, been driving since 1987,it's up to you if you should drive.

I don't drive currently (had seizure in november 2012)however if my state would take my license away, I will file out a FEDERAL LAWSUIT OUT. DRUNK DRIVERS Kill more people then us with EPILESPY .
This depends on what state you live in not all states have this law I can drive any time,my last seizure was November 5th 2012.


Jillian Ellison Nassar said:

Living with Epilepsy here in the United States, after every seizure/episode you have legally cannot drive for six months so I understand the frustrations.!


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