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So what could this mean?????


Dr said he wanted to now see the results from the latest EEG and put it together. any ideas

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For what it's worth, I can tell you what my Epileptologist told me after my PET Scan. 

My scan showed that my mesial (middle of the) right temporal lobe was unable to metabolize -- which, by the way, is what the PET Scan examination is testing for. 
That meant it was damaged, and, for me, that that portion of the brain was the likely place where all my seizures came from. Of course, I had gone through a video EEG a few months earlier, so that's why they made that assessment. 

They thought I might be a candidate for surgery. The thinking was that if they removed the damaged portion of the brain, seizure activity would lessen, or maybe even stop. However, my PET Scan also showed that other lobes were also damaged, so operating would not have solved
the problem for me. 

It looks like your child's seizure activity is coming from the right side (temporal lobe) and top (parietal lobe) of his head. So it looks like 2 of his 4 lobes on the right are involved. (There are 4 lobes of the brain on the left; and 4 on the right:  Temporal, Parietal, Occipital [back] and Frontal [front]). 

Good luck
It could mean they've identified a specific area where the seizures are coming from. 
The areas where seizures occur metabolize differently than normal areas. The PET shows them areas that are metabolizing differently helping them identify focal points. 
My daughter's focal area is in her left parietal lobe. All of her activity stems from that single area. MRI confirmed a dysplasia. Unfortunately hers sits in an area that controls language. We are now waiting for an fMRI to map brain function and see if her brain has moved this to her right side. If it has she could be a surgical candidate. If it hasnt she will not. 

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