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“Pseudo Seizures” AND Epilepsy – Yes You CAN have BOTH!


"My foster son, whom I wrote about a couple of times, also has both epileptic seizures and pseudoseizures.

In the beginning shortly after he moved in with me back in August 2012, he started to have a dramatic increase in his seizure activity. All I knew he was seizing and his 20 pills per day did not seem to be working. Frustrated, because while he was off track before he moved in with me, I had his meds on perfect schedule within 2 days, never missing a dose.

After speaking to his neurologist, I learned that he also had pseuodoseizures. At the time this never meant much to me because I was new to all of this.  It wasn’t until I spoke with his social worker 3 months later that I completely understood the what non-epileptic seizures were, and why the AED’s were not working.

My foster son has had a very traumatic past, and he was not handling theses memories well at all. The more he bottled stuff up, the more he seizured. Finally I sat him down and asked him to  talk to me, and tell me what happened. Within one week he went from 5-10 seizures daily down to 5-10 per week.

Currently he is seeing the counselor at school 2 or 3 times per week until the end of the school year and he has a much improved quality of life. If talking to me helped, then having a professional help him on a regular basis is really helping.

Now, along with a new Keppra prescription, he has been almost seizure free for one week, having had only one tiny seizure last weekend. For him, this is like a record for the last 8 months".


Comment by Scott Oosterom — April 10, 2013 @ 12:14 AM


 “Pseudo Seizures” AND Epilepsy – Yes You CAN have BOTH!






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