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A couple of months ago I had two (in one day) tonic clonic seizures and the EEG they did was abnormal so the put me on Keppra 500 mg twice a day. I have thus been on the meds for a couple months or so. A couple weeks ago I started getting random muscle twitches. They are usually not repetitive (i.e. not one right after another in same spot), but I will have one several times a day. Sometimes my foot twitches or I feel a twitch in one of my legs or arms. They are not painful, and while they are visible at least some of the time, I do not think they are extreme enough to where anyone else has noticed it. Any idea what it could be? My next appointment is not until December, should I wait and mention something then if they continue or should I call my neuro? Thanks for any advice

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I would guess ut us not related, or..... I hope not! I have that twitching all of the time and sometimes alllll day! It can be anywhere for me. So often in my eye, I have had it on many different areas of my body.

I get twitching muscles as well.  Sometimes (random spots) one of my arms or rarely one of my legs.  A few times more recently though, I have had a twitching or just tightening in the little muscle on my scalp around the scar tissue from surgery.  That one feels really strange,,, especially when you don't think you have any muscle there, lol.  And they just upped my Vimpat dosage too.





My daughter has muscle twitches, as well as soreness and tightness of the muscles, as a side effect of medication. One time, we had her admitted for a video EEG as we thought it could be a new kind of seizure. While in the hospital, she twitched so bad that her whole leg lifted off the bed several inches right in front of the doctor. However, the EEG showed that it was not a seizure.  It ended up being a side affect of Klonopin. She has also had it as a side effect of ADD meds and antidepressents.  Once we took her off the offending drugs, her twitches stopped. She could sometimes feel the urge to twitch before it happened. Also, the twitches started out small and not noticable and progressed to pretty big jerks. It was a very scary side effect for her to have.

A quick search on the Internet shows several postings about muscle twitching and Keppra. Maybe you could call your neuro and see if it is possible that it could be med related?

I'm thinking side effect also of the meds . I have many muscle twitches in my body since ive been on any AEDs. Its like tic tic tic then it stops If you know what I mean lol.

The only muscle side effect I noticed when I was on keppra was that my arms would fall asleep and I could not move any one of them for about 20minutes!!! This went away after getting off of it.

From what it sounds like you are most likely having a partial seizures. I experienced this too. In fact almost every day. However, I don't think it is extreme enough to worry about it my case because it goes away about 20 minutes after I take my meds. I think you should contact your neurologist just to make sure everything is ok!

I have twitches also. I have them many times a day in many different areas of my body. I used to have myoclonic jerks that were pretty severe but not very often. I did not have this frequent muscle twitching until after I had a tonic-clonic seizure and was diagnosed with epilepsy. I take Depakote ER and asked my Neuro if that could be triggering it and he said no. It is annoying at times.

I was on that same dose of Keppra for years.  I had those same twitches.  Now, I'm off Keppra and I still have them.  Actually they are worse.  Let me know if you find out what causes them.


I am having the side effect right now from trileptol.

I get twitches from drinking too much caffeine.  Have you looked at your diet?  It may be another place to look at.  I just thought I would mention it.  I've had over 120 tonic clonic seizures, for almost 17 years.      

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