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Medical bracelets, necklaces, and so on.. I know some people wear them and others choose not to. I wear the standard Epilepsy bracelet. Somebody got it for me right before I started college, which was shortly after my diagnosis. Anyways, the clasp (or whatever you choose to call it) is always getting caught on things. Last night I woke up because it had gotten caught on my Indian blanket. It gets caught on everything! Does anyone else have this problem and/or do you know of any good sites that sale decent medical bracelets? 

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The following may be helpful in obtaining medic alert identification:
Medic alert bracelet www.americanmedical-id.com; www.medicalert.org; or free personalized med ID cards www.medids.com/free-id/phd.

Best wishes,
Mary Ann
Epilepsy Foundation
Epilepsy Resource Center

Please check out these Foundation programs:
Take Charge: http://www.takechargeteens.org/
Go EYC: http://www.goeyc.org/
School Nurse Online Training: http://www.nasn.org/Default.aspx?tabid=120
Epilepsy and Seizure Response Training for Law Enforcement: http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/firstresponders/index.cfm

"Mediband" is one I like.  It's a rubber wrist band.  They have it for Epilepsy as well as a large range of other medical conditions.


Thank you both. I'll definitely look into those.


Here's a link of some epilepsy alert jewely that may help you... (Be sure to read the comments below also. They're very helpful!)


Attractive Epilepsy Alert Jewelry



Hope this helps!


Phylis Feiner Johnson






I get my daughters from

Here's a link of some epilepsy alert jewelry that may help you..www.myidentitydoctor.com

Hope  this helps

You will probably just have to go to a jeweler to get some of the links removed. 

I searched for about a month for a girl's medic ID bracelet until I found this company on-line: www.creativemedicalid.com


I get mine through Medicalert.  The bracelet that I got through them is completely smooth on both sides of the clasp so it doesn't catch on anything.  They have bracelets, necklaces, watches, etc.  It is wide selection and they do last a long time, so I suggest getting one through them.  They are at www.medicalert.org 


Hi Melissa,

              It sounds like you were just diagnosed with E if so Bummer on one hand, and welcome aboard on

the other we all here for one another.I got my bracelet on ebay I was amazed with the amount of E bracelets and necklace and in all $ ranges the one I got came with a medical card to fill out for my wallet.

and I dont know if you would like this or not but mine is a sport type with velcro ends so it fits any size.

God Bless

Thank you all for the suggestions.

I'm not that new to Epilepsy. I was diagnosed in late 2009. I have one that was bought at Walgreen's and it's always getting caught on everything from my jeans to my hair. I just want something that doesn't get caught as easy and that is, of course, cute.

Someone asked me if mine was a Tiffany's bracelet ;)

But the paramedics and medical professionals recognize it immediately. All my friends who work in the medical field have seen it and asked about it and then when the paramedics saw it, they called my family. So, it's cute and works :)

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