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There can be a moderate reaction with these two. Just thought you would like to know

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what kind of reaction? I know in some people benadryl can reduce sz threshold, so caution should be used in people with E.
It says that it can increase the drowsiness two fold....
We only ever give Benadryl at bedtime, because it knocks Rachel out, and we only ever give one 12.5 mg tablet.

Yeah Benadryl is actually our antihistamine of choice around here for the kids because their allergies are slight and other allergy meds have to build up in your system to fight the allergens.  In reading up I discovered that the only allergy med that didn't have a reaction with keppra was claritin (loratidine.)  Also I have read that benadryl can actually lower the seizure threshold as well so we've now got one that takes claritin if need be and two that still do the benadryl.

hummm I like benadryl for my allergies but it does make me drowsy now on meds . Some reason non drowsy claritin makes me feel weird like im drugged up or maybe a partial seizure I don't know .


You might want to consider talking to an allergist.  My husband sees an allergist once a week and combats most of his allergies (I was about to say seasonal but they are pretty much year round) with shots and various inhalers and nasal sprays.  He does have an antihistamine that he can take but doesn't take it as often thanks to the shots.  Like I said allergy meds have to build up in your system just like AED's do so it takes time.  Zyrtec is supposedly non-drowsy but when combined with keppra it apparently makes patients extremely drowsy.  Benadryl is infamous for this as well.  I didn't see Allegra (fexofenadine) on the list so it might work.

Just a warning - my friend's son was seizure-free and on Keppra for over 18 months, but had some allergies so mom gave him Benadryl. Later that same day he had a cluster of grand-mals. Too coincidental for comfort for me.

Yikes.  My son takes Zyrtec (5mg) for seasonal allergies, and his allergist has him on Singulair tablets, and a nebulizer breathing treatment of Xopenex and Budesonide (a steroid). 


He was taking the Advair inhaler when his seizures started, and we stopped because the Advair label warns about seizures.  His allergist said she didn't know why, and didn't believe the Advair contributed to his seizures.

Yeah I've been reading up on the various medications that have been reported to lower the seizure threshold.  My son has seasonal allergies that bother him mostly at night (although certain pollens do tend to give him hives when skin contact is made) so we were doing benadryl only at night before bed so that he could sleep a little better.  Zyrtec also tends to make kids drowsy so in combination with keppra it would probably intensify.  I don't know if there's a children's form of Allegra on the market but I do know there's children's Claritin and Alavert (which is the same as Claritin just a different name and a little lower price) and I haven't noticed any drowsiness with either of those.

My son has focal (absence) seizures so they are easy to miss because they are very quick so we haven't noticed when his threshold is lowered but the goal is to eliminate the seizures so whenever I hear about a possible side effect from another medication I try to find a suitable substitute.

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