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Last week I had a seziure while driving. I got my truck to the side of the road but still had a single car accident. Just my truck involved. When the Va State Police got on the scene they did not know what was going on nor what to do about it. I was beaten, tassered, hit with clubs, thrown on the ground and handcuffed and beaten somemore.

I did not come to until I was in the ER, about 3 hours later. I came to with an officer yelling at me "wheres the gun Mr. West? Wheres the gun"? In my groggy state I also heard a different officer say that he thought the holster they found was for a TOY GUN(which it was) They found no gun, they found no toy gun. That holster was left in there by my son.

I was still charged with

possesion of a firearm(no gun mind you)

conceled weapon

assault on an officer

resissting arrest

obstruction of justice

and DWI(blood work clean)

I then spent 2 nights in jail. 1st night on floor and confussed. Now, my ex-wife won't let me see my kids and my company is threatening to fire me!


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How about looking for a Personal Injury lawyer...

I have talked to a couple lawyers now and they all want money up front to handle the bogus charges I got first. Then they will pursue the "other aspects" of the case. I am really starting to worry. I missed seeing my children because of this, and now I got laid off from my job. Even though I got a note from my neurologist clearing me to go back to work.

Is not exactly this type of thing what the ADA Laws were passed for? Is not exactly this type of thing what the Epilepsy Foundation is supposed to be putting an end to?

Maybe if it happens again I will be killed by the tasser, that way my family can atleast get taken care of. Since I now can't after being laid off because of this.

  I just don't understand.                 LAWYERS!


ps: sorry for the "rant" Jean. No one will listen, and this is getting me very worried. I could go to jail for this.(again)

     maybe someone will see this or send it on to someone who can help me make a difference. To ensure something like this NEVER happens again.


Jean said:

How about looking for a Personal Injury lawyer...
The Jeanne A. Carpenter Epilepsy Legal Defense Fund wants to help you find a lawyer with expertise in epilepsy. The Fund does not generally provide legal advice or direct representation but rather provides referrals to lawyers who are willing to help individuals with epilepsy fight discrimination and who have received special training on epilepsy-related issues. Sometimes the Epilepsy Foundation will join in or directly support cases that are likely to set precedents and thereby affect future law.

The majority of lawyers to which we refer cases have agreed to provide an initial consultation and services to a maximum of three hours at no cost. Despite our best efforts, sometimes it is not possible to locate an attorney willing to provide this level of free services; however, in other cases, attorneys are sometimes able to offer even more extensive help free of charge. Once we make the referral, the lawyer will evaluate your potential case and determine what action, if any, should be taken. You should discuss with the attorney what fees, if any, will need to be paid.

If you would like us to consider your case or help you find a lawyer, please complete our online application, or request an application at (800) EFA-1000 / (800) 332-1000. Please allow 3-5 business days for the processing of your application.

Mary Ann Thornton
Information Specialist
The Epilepsy Resource Center

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