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i think im going to have a seizure i never really knew signs ive had 5 seizures total 4 in 2003 and the 5th last week. but when i had one the other day i felt dizzy and shaky a little and i feel that way now. i really hope i don't. i just want it to stop.

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For me, it was getting scared for no reason.  After that, it would either stay a scared feeling or lead to a CP or grand-mal seizure.



Two things occur before I feel like going into a seizure. First, I get a sick feeling in my stomoach. Second. I feel like a space cadet. Those who know me well would ask me are you all there? It's like confusion between fantasy and reality. My seizures affect my left eye vision, so my vision goes wacky for a few moments-another signal of a possible seizure. Fatigue and weather changes can affect me as well.


Prior to a seizure, I get a really sick feeling in my stomach. My head starts to feel as though I am being sucked backwards through a tunnel.  I occasionally smell something weird. Usually my hands get really cold and clammy.  I also start to lose feeling in my hands and legs.  My seizure may come anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes later.


Mine always come unexpectedly.  I have always said that I feel really good when mine hit me.

A Menu of Seizure Auras


Here are some types of auras that can happen alone or in combinations…

Visual changes

Kaleidoscope effects

Visual hallucinations

Shimmering sensations

Vibrating visual field

Distortions in size, shape or distance of objects

Bright lights or blobs

Zigzag lines

Tunnel vision

Blind or dark spots in the field of vision

Curtain-like effect over one eye

Blindness in one eye

Motionless stare

Dilated pupils

Auditory changes

Hallucinations — hearing voices or sounds that don’t exist

Being unable to understand spoken words

Muffled sounds

Buzzing noises

Loud or whispered volume

Temporary deafness

Physical changes

Weakness, unsteadiness

Changes in heart rate




Saliva collecting in mouth

Lip smacking



Strange smells

Problems speaking

Repetitive movements

Limbs jerking involuntarily

Numbness or tingling on one side of face or body

Feeling of being separated from your body

Needing to urinate

Psychological changes


Anxiety or fear

Physical detachment

Déjà vu or jamais vu, a sense of familiarity or unfamiliarity

I myself, get a disgusting metallic taste in my mouth and I start to salivate like crazy. (Yuck.)  :-(

Phylis Feiner Johnson


Lindsey, although everyone reacts differently before they have a seizure, it's very important to 'listen' to your body and be conscientious of even minor changes.  I feel as though I've been lucky because I usually know before a grand mal seizure occurs... i usually feel this 'electricity' flowing through my body and then typically have jerks in my arms and legs.  It becomes really hard for me to verbalize how I'm feeling and a lot of people think I look spaced out.  But I've been lucky enough that when I've started to feel those symptoms I would go and tell my mom or somebody near and then lay me on my side to prepare me for the seizure.  Also, I do tend to get very emotional [beyond my control] as the seizure gets near.  Hope all is well with you, take care.

Years ago, I had what is considered an aura, or precursor before the seizure onset.  This gave me a good amount of time to get to a safe place (as much as 15-20 seconds).  Starting a number of years ago, I no longer had this.  I'll have a sensation of the onset, but it'll hit pretty quick now.


I described my precursor as "an electrical sensation" running through the body.  In most cases I'd also have a ringing in one of my ears, sometimes it would be in both.  This was a high pitch ringing, low-medium volume.


I take it you let your doc know about the symptoms you had before it hit?  They like to know the details as much as possible.




P.S Jessica, sounds VERY similar to how mine once were!

Before I have a seizure I feel confused and I will sometimes have an aura. I start feeling loss of control (like I don't know exactly whats happening.) Afterwords I have a headache and am very tired.
my first 3 times i had a seizure i smelled this weird smell and would get kinda nauseous and couldn't understand what people were saying. then my last 2 (had 2 in a row in one day) i only felt sick to my stomach and only had slight trouble understanding words. then after i got woken up from that one i still felt sick. then i saw flashes of light in the corner of my right eye. they went at a steady beat and kept getting faster until it started making  what sounded like cannon fire along with the flashes. it kept getting faster until it was like someone firing off a machine gun less than an inch away from my head. when the flashes hit about 128 beats per minute that's when i had the second seizure.
Ok I have been feeling light headed feel like fallen. Been checked for all I thought it was anxiety attacks with epilepsy. Drs say no. Blood checked levels all fine. When I go on my computer or so the feeling kind of leaves a bit. I have been pacing around and then the grandmal tries to come on. Seeing two Nero to find out. Do you ever have these feelings. If so what do you do the feel better. Thanks

   I can only tell when I'm about to have a Simple Partial seizure.  My Complex Partial seizures occur without any warning.  The scariest part is that unless I've done something to my surroundings or injured myself I need a witness to tell me that/when a CP has occurred.  I have even had CPs within hours of my taking my medicine!


I don't remember. I'm just humming along, then I'm coming to on the floor.

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