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wHEN YOUR CHILD HAS HEAD DROP SEIZURES , what is thier behavior after? Do they bounce right back or to they tend to be out of it for awhile. We seem to have both and today her speech was effected after.

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Every seizure has a pre ictal and post ictal period. It can be different each time even for the same person. My daughter has seizures that she bounces right back from and others that look the same that her balance is off and speech is slurred and processing speed affected for up to 12 hours! 

Our son is the same too.  Some seizures he can bounce right back and others he'll sleep for an hour afterward.  He will also be shaky afterwards and he has definately had his speech impaired---a few times for a good hour afterwards.  Hang in there!!!


Are they myoclonics or epileptic spasms.  If myoclonics there tends to be less of an impact but if they are epileptic spasms then there is usually a pretty bad EEG background and you may see further decline the longer they persist.  

idk we  are video ing them because of course her previous veeg came back normal with the exception of some slow backgound on a few. we are due for a two day veeg and pet scan at the end of the month.

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