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wondering if anyone can recommend a good book to help explain this madness to kids.  My daughter is 5 and I need help explaining it better.  I have just been winging it, so far.


preferably a book about epilepsy for children.  if not, maybe a book about children with medical needs.


anyone have any good suggestions? 




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You may want to visit our website, www.epilepsyfoundation.org, and click on Store. There is a children's section available.

Best wishes,
Mary Ann
Epilepsy Foundation
Epilepsy Resource Center

Please check out these Foundation programs:
Take Charge: http://www.takechargeteens.org/
Go EYC: http://www.goeyc.org/
School Nurse Online Training: http://www.nasn.org/Default.aspx?tabid=120
Epilepsy and Seizure Response Training for Law Enforcement: http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/firstresponders/index.cfm

We love "Let's learn with Teddy about epilepsy" - best book we have found and we have read quite a few. I have read it to my children and shared it with my son's entire preschool class. You can find it at: http://www.amazon.com/Lets-Learn-Teddy-about-Epilepsy/dp/0978772725...

Taking Seizure Disorders to School: A Story About Epilepsy by Kim Gosselin Paperback $12.95
Mommy, I Feel Funny! A Child's Experience with Epilepsy by Danielle M. Rocheford Paperback $11.65
Let's Learn with Teddy about Epilepsy by Dr. Yvonne Zelenka Paperback $6.95

All good books and all sold on Amazon!

Thank you so much.  I will check these out.  I think we are finally in a place where we can start focusing on teaching her and others about the epilepsy in a more structured approach.



If you have a local epilepsy affiliate, they usually have resources available as well. I have a coloring book that I got from our local epilepsy foundation that explains things in very simple terms.




Written by Danielle M. Rocheford, she also has a twitter account under @MommyIFeelFunny.

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