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Let us know your thoughts about the new website. What do you like? How could the website be improved? Thank you for your feedback!

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Much better looking and easier to navigate.  I find your eCommunites the most helpful for me and I would make that as easy as possible to find.

The first word that is noticed is the word "Give".  I think that most people with epilepsy want to find some kind of HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would recommend redesign with emphasis on human factors principles to improve readability and organization.

I realize that the website is new and that there will inevitably be kinks to iron out, but here are a few of my initial thoughts:

  • I'm not sure how the website has been improved (My guess is that you were trying to simplify it rather than enhance it, and I suppose you've accomplished this somewhat; but I don't see any major improvements; maybe I just need to get used to it).
  • I prefer the overall "look" of the old website (I'm not particularly fond of the yellow border).
  • It could be a problem with my browser, but there is a frequent problem with the dropdown menus at the top. Some of the time it works properly (i.e. you hold the cursor over it and the dropdown appears; you remove the cursor and it disappears); but other times the dropdown menu gets stuck, and removing your cursor doesn't help. This blocks part of the page content, and the only way to fix it is to leave the page and try again.
  • On some pages, you have to scroll down a fair amount (past white space) before you can see the content (again, this could be a problem with my browser, but if it's a problem for me, it's likely a problem for thousands of others).
  • Several major features and topic areas seem to have disappeared. For example, I can't find the free Epilepsy & Behavior articles anymore, the NDDI-E screening tool has disappeared, and there is no info on psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (other than a rather unpolished pdf that shows up when you search the term).
  • Much of the content seems to have been watered down (e.g. less info, fewer layers, fewer links). I realize that people read less, so it makes sense to avoid lengthy pages, but by using links, you can at least give people the option of finding out more if they want to.

Sorry to be so critical. I haven't thoroughly reviewed the website, so my comments may not be entirely fair. Hopefully, though, the feedback is helpful.

I think the new one is much better and much improved.  I would suggest adding a topic heading along with the headings like "Living With Epilepsy".  I would suggest "Help With Epilepsy".  I have been living with Epilepsy for over 6 years now.  I appreciate all that the Foundation has done and is doing.  I just feel like I need some help dealing with all the problems, mainly the side-effects of the anti-epileptic drug that I take.

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The chat room would be the best and most needed improvement. No logging people in automatically so that when others ask questions they don't feel like they are being ignored by someone who doesn't know they are even in the chat room. Most people who are here are looking for quick responses, unlike the technical help area where there are unanswered questions for the staff from 6 months ago.

I feel a  Chatroom/Messenger should be added for all EF members.. I only see that as being fair..  There are many Nice/Understanding people here..but they don`t get the chance to respond to others comments right away...  Sometimes  ppl have to wait 1-2 days to get a response,,I don`t see a reason for that..   There will always be ( BAD APPLES) in the barrel ,indeed..  If a chat/messenger is added  all you need to have  is a button on the side ( IGNORE)  to keep the troublemakers away...          BRIAN

I agree the colors need to be changed.  Where is the color purple?  If the EF is trying to promote purple for epilepsy awareness it needs to used on the website, not that pucky yellow.  We should be trying to promote brand awareness as pink is the breast cancer color, purple needs to be used throughout the site.  The color purple also should be used on the front cover of the magazine.  I would just think that purple ribbons with a better phrase I am not too keen on"Not another moment lost for seizures" could be replaced with something catchy, I don't think it makes sense unless you are familiar with seizures.  Even if it just said Epilepsy Awareness -  NO MORE SEIZURES would connect epilepsy with seizures since so many people are unaware of what epeilpsy is.  But the purple ribbon needs to be on the main page.  You need to be building a brand as well as having the site as a communication tool.  Thank you for asking for our input.

your website really helps for people looking for new information, the appearance does not matter a whole lot to me, the info is what counts the most and  I always look forward to hearing anything new.  Thanks Carolyn
I have left this comment before - but it was apparently deleted by the admin.  I find it completely offensive that these discussions are made public.  Anyone with a google search engine can look up information about someone belonging to these forums.  This website should be a safe haven - where people can go with questions, concerns, frustrations.  It should be somewhat private - only to other members.  Many people don't realize this when they first join and use their real name as their user name.  Some private and personal information is being 'published' on the internet without someone's knowledge or permission.  That is SO offensive and unnecessary.  This needs to be fixed right away.

yes, I agree we really  need a live chat room on this site so that all of us can get to talk to everyone else!
this is important so that we can share our expeiences/stories .
Can you look into letting us have a chat board somewhat like the one on "Lovingtruebloodindallas" show
on www.blogtalkradio.com ??? it's wonderful an i listen to the show/chat every Sunday night after
HBO's TrueBlood !!!!!


Please go back to the old one . I miss it, I loved it <3  The videos, I can not find them on here. do you still have them? Yellow is NOT our color.


I was looking to post a fisrt aide for seizures video and with the last site you had I knew where to find it with this I can not find anything its to confusing for me.


take care

Sorry to say that I don't like the new site much at all. Aside from being a user of the site, I'm a professional video producer, webcaster and graphic artist.  My two cents...

* The overall style is too sensational.  It does not convey a professional look and feel.

* The graphics are too big and bold.

* The pages are crowded.

* You are squeezing everything into a narrow page.  These says, you can go wider.

* The color scheme is not appealing at all.  The yellow is especially bad.  EFA was trying to brand purple.  You should follow through on the site.
* There are basic technical issues, like using JPGs that have not been optimized for the web.  In this day of high speed Internet, you should never see a photo or graphic loading.  This is web design 101.

* The drop-down menu at the top is much too large.  These work better when positioned on the left side, and when only the major headings are listed.  Subheadings should appear when you mouse over main heading.



The overall style is too sensational.  It does not carry a professional look and feel.
The pages are overly crowded with graphics and too bold.
The colors are awful, especially the yellow.  EFA was trying to
brand purple.  Follow through on the site.
There are basic technical issues like posting jpegs that have not
been optimized for the web.  In this day of high speed Internet,
you should never see a photo or graphic loading.  This is web
design 101.

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