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Just out of curiosity how many of you that have epilepsy still go to concerts, and carnivals and ride the rides?



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I went to concerts once in a while and to amusement parks all the time and rode everything.  Nothing bothered me.



I use to go to them all, amusement rides that is, but now I think I do not go on them because I am too old!  It doesn't take long for me to get sick!  I have been to a few concerts and today I can't think of why it would of been dangerous back when I had stronger seizures.
NOTHING will make me miss a Rush concert!!!
love going to watch classical music. But the lights & noise make me feel ill at fairgrounds, & the last time I tried a ride my friend ( who doesn't have e) & I vomited badly. No more! Used to love it when I was a kid.

I have been lucky and nothing has happened, but there is always a fear factor for those friends of mine that dont have E or completely understand it.


@Seruzies I feel the same way about Motley Crue

I still attend concerts and go to the annual San Diego county fair.  Luckily I am not photo-sensetive.  If I was, the last concert would've done me in.  The opening band was "The Prodigy", you know "Smack my B*@## up and other rediculous songs, then Linkin Park came out.  The flashing light show for the first band were horrible for P.S. people.  I notice that flashing lights give me an instant headache, but that's about it.  The new L.E.D. flashing lights for emergency vehicles really gives me headaches.  I still ride the rides that I like, but always stay away from the spinning rides.  I get motion sick really easy and ever since I was a kid, spinning rides can make me vomit if I'm on them too long.  I just won't ride them.  Home videos are another motion sickness thing.  If I'm watching somebodies home video with them walking around or even those newer "reality movies like, Blair witch, Cloverfield and all that, I am done.





i couldn t go to concerts or fireworks cause i was photo sensitive for complex partials, it was anoying,

I worked stage for over 8 years.  Major fest for 6 years.  Until about 5 years ago I never had problems with the cans/varilights/strobes.  No idea what changed.


First time I had a problem with strobes was at Disney on a ride aimed at kids.  The photo shooting at the end threw me for a loop.  First time EVER I had that problem.  Not good for one who takes a ton of photos!!



I have not. (concerts)The lights don't bother me but noise does. I work as a server and we have Jazz night and I had to ask not to work that night anymore because of the trumpets they bother me the most. I wanted to go to a concert with my friends but I am afraid the noise would be to much for me. (carnivals and rides) that is what lead me to epilepsy foundation I wanted to find out what other people with E thought about rides. My family wants to go to Cedar Point this summer, I am going to talk it over with my doctors and see what they think about it.
I LOVE CONCERTS AND AMUSEMENT PARKS! I haven't been to either in a while, though. The lights at concerts were a little troublesome and rides give me ugly headaches but I say it's completely worth it

Yes!  Going to see Rise Against, Bad Religion and Four Year Strong next Saturday in Orlando =)  It feels like my only escape sometimes.  I have a feeling that even if my doctor told me I couldn't go to concerts anymore, I'd still go.  There's nothing better than that rush of adreneline when I'm moshing around =D  I still ride amusement park rides too, even ones with stobe lights since they don't seem to be the actual cause of my epilepsy and I've never had a seizure due to strobe lights.  But I do make sure to take extra care when around them by closing my eyes, but I have a feeling I'd do that anyways since they just irritate me in general.

I went to see "Trans Siberian Orchestra" and with all the lights, and flashing, and those strobe lights induced a seizure or two for me.  Decided that day that maybe they would be better if I just listened to them.  And I still do many fun things.  I used to sky dive and such.  But now I figure it may not be so good to press my luck.  I go and see plays often.  I think it just depends.  I know that I can't really be in a room with ceiling fans going or it will trigger something and cause me to have a seizure.  I usually have fans, with bright lights in my head, but they feel like they are in my site, right before and after I have an episode.  So now, the fans go off it they are ceiling fans.  I don't need help triggering seizures.  I can't wait until my doctor and I can get these to stop.  Life would be less confusing I think.

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