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This is a trivial question - I know.  But am looking for advice on best method for removing EEG glue from the hair.  We are looking at vEEG #4 next week and what I am dreading most is NOT the hospital stay - it's the fight that will ensue when we get home and my daughter realizes it's time to take a shower!  The EEG techs do a terrible job, in my opinion, getting it out.  They tell me - just use acetone - but I'm scared about the chemicals near her eyes.  I've used olive oil on the hair while it's dry and that works OK. It's such a mess, though.


Wondering if anyone has a magic trick.  Would be MUCH appreciated!

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Hi Jennifer.


We used mineral oil. It worked great but still an oil so I'm guessing not much of a difference as far as the mess part goes.


baby oil, and lots and lots of conditioner

They literally told you to use ACETONE?!  ON A CHILD?!!!  I use acetone to clean dolls and much less sensitive things than skin since I know what it does to skin.  I can't believe they told you to do such a thing!  Personally I would have been out the door in about five seconds after that statement.  However I'm not you so here is my advice.


Oil.  Whether it is olive oil or whatever it usually works.  Barring that, the same thing that takes gum out of hair works with this gook and that is peanut butter.  For those tough ones that don't want to come out the peanut butter did the trick every time and then its just a normal shampooing from there to clean up the mess.

They always do a good job removing my glue . I would use oils an conditioner or some greasy hair mask conditioner  .
they told me to use acetone once they used superglue instead of the gooey stuff because it was a 10 day and they wanted it to stay on.  WHen they were putting on i was like that smells like super glue theyre like its just stronger stuff then the glue they usually use and then when they were taking it off they told me to use acetone to get it off because it was super glue.  My poor little baby had gapeing wounds all over her head from them yanking off the electrodes and then they started pouring acetone on the wounds!! luckily she cant feel pain but i pushed the lady and sad ill get it off at home.  it took me two weeks but i got it all off.
We have had lots of VEEGs with the super glue type stuff. I always wet my son's hair in the sink, douse it with a bunch of baby oil and work and rub it through until I get all the chunks out. It usually takes about 10 minutes of working it through. Then he washes it really well a couple of times in the shower. There are still little particles left for a couple of days where he looks like he has some dandruff, but that goes away after a couple of days.

I was suggested to use mayo on my hair after my 24 hr eeg.  It worked, but messy.


When my daughter had her last one...I got her home and set her in the bathtub and turn the water on warm and I get her kids shampoo and I wet her hair down and then I cake her hair with the shampoo and I do this maybe once or twice and it comes right out. I don't think I've had a problem with getting it out of her hair ones...They also are very nice when they do hers and usually get a comb and try to get the big chunks out along with using a warm wash cloth in the area where the glue is. It works great. I have yet to have any problems getting the glue out of her hair. This was her like I think 5th eeg she's had...She's only 7, but it comes out of her hair good..

I guess as a boy with a skinned head of hair, it was not much of a problem.  I believe what worked the best for my scalp was the sweat & natural body oil I generated playing outside.  Older, with actual hair length, I'd simply soap it up with bar soap or any shampoo that didn't smell like a girl, leave it on for about 5 or 10 minutes while in the tub, and sometimes lying down in the water to "soak" it.  A shower got rid of the soap/shampoo and I believe hot water worked better, although the "cement" never really dissolved, it did crumble and let go within a day or two.  Often what didn't come loose was covered up with hair and came off the next bath.  My fingernails were my best tool.  (In my earliest years, Dad simply scrubbed my head at home after the nurse at the doctor's clinic had done her scrubbing.  I think he tried alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Mother's cooking oils, dandruff shampoo, and a host of other things around the house.)  Personally, I like waiting it out. 8-)
usually i get it out fine with a little baby oil and scrubbing but afterr the 10 day one it was rough because if i scrubbed she would bleed because where every electrode was therre was a deep wound.  I dont think those things ae meant to be worn that long it was so bad
Oh boy, do I understand that!  It took a very long time for my daughter to get that stuff out of her hair.  It was so greasy and yucky!  I was told, but did not look for it, that there's a product you can get for that.  I was told by a lifeguard.  I can't remember the name of it, but will try to find out for you.  Apparently it's by the shampoo in the store.  It's some kind of stripper that the lifeguard uses to get the chlorine out of her hair.  

So, it sounds like oil is the way to go.  I was hoping for a magical shampoo or something.  Oh well - thanks for the input.


Do you wet it down with oil or just do the spot cleaning technique?  That's what I've been doing - wetting a washcloth with oil, then spot rubbing it on dry hair.  It's not very efficient and I seem to get oil all over myself and the bathroom. 


Hmm...I wonder if that Alberto VO5 hot oil treatment would work (did I just date myself with that reference?!  do they still make it?!)  That's an easy pour oil that, if I remember correctly, you place on dry hair.

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