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Did You Ever Wonder Why? Don't Answer, Just Add Your Own Fun Questions

Hi Everyone,


I thought this would be a great topic that could be never ending as the universe could be talked about here.


Just add a question that you don't know the answer and leave it at that. A fun way of making the rest of us think, and even go back and look up answers to keep to ourselves.


Here, I will go first.....


Did you ever wonder why?


1. When you scratch a dogs belly his leg moves?


2. People will go use the restroom and go #1 with the door open, yet when they have to go #2 the door gets shut?


3. Why the hands on a clock don't turn backwards to a countdown of the day we just had?



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I can answer one of your questions - I shut the door when I'm doing a #2 because I don't want anyone to hear!
Hi Everyone,

I am so sorry that I mislead people here with this thread. The purpose is to only ask questions, do not answer them.

The reason is to see how we all think and the things we think about.

OK, here I will add a few more, please don't answer my questions, just add some questions of your own.

1. Why do we crack open the oven door when we broil our foods?

2. Why is there a white chocolate?

3. Why is it so hard to catch a weiner dog when they have such little legs?

I think I am following you Amy:

1) Why can't we sneeze with our eyes opened?

2) Why is yawning contagious?

4) Why do children clip cat's whiskers?

Do you think Adam and Eve were probably the least sinful people that ever lived? (not including Jesus of course)

Will there be Bibles in heaven? Why would there be Bibles in heaven?

Why does God listen to Satans prayers?

Is life just an audition so God can see how we'll behave when we think He's not paying attention (or even exists at all)?
Yes, I love these.

I hope people are having fun. :-)

1. Why does spicy food seem to linger longer and sweet food go away sooner in our mouths.

2. Why do some seeds of the same size produce much bigger plants?

3. If God didn't create the world, and it was created by a Big Bang, how come we are here now on earth and not on the other planets that life is on?

1) Why do people have the ultimate desire to outdo each other?

2) Why are men proud of their "beer bellies" and attempt to outdo each other
and especially wearing shirts that are too small for them?

3) Why do people with 40+ items use the Express Check-Out Line with
a limit of 7 to 10 items only?
1. Why does everyone screem when someone lets out a silent but deadly natural gas, but no one will own up to the good job they did?....LOL.

2. Why don't men ever want to ask for directions when they are lost?

3. Why do we always get stuck behind a slow car when we are in a hurry to get somewhere?

1) Why do people gossip and exaggerate?

2) Why is there so much hatred in the world?

3) Why do people shun Epilepsy / Seizure Disorders?

(Hey, Why didn't I think of the 3rd question before? LOL!)
Why is it that a human will face a three strikes law but corporations can kill many people without even losing any rights?

Are things that dont make money any benefit to our society?

Since God doesnt earn/make/produce any money, is He any benefit to our society?

Why is it that the things of man (things of Ceaser) cost money but the things of God are free and freely given?

What are the things of God?

1) Why is it when things are "free" but there are always strings attached?

2) Why are Scientists always "correcting" their theories constantly but yet still sticks to their theories?

3) Why does news seek out so much for the negativism instead of the positive and good?

4) Why do people find it hilarious to degrade other people, yet, when imposed upon them they become offended and defensive?

5) Why is life nearly like an "oxymoron"?
Why do some people say the word unthaw when they are going to thaw something out?

Why is a chef salad called a chef salad? Where is the chef in it?

Why are some squirrels called ground squirrels when they climb?
If time slows down as you approach the speed of light then arent all of our electrical/electronic devices actually travelling much slower than we are? Are the electrons in a time warp of some kind?

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